Eric Fischer

Project Leader

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NEXEYA provides through-life support services for the DGA tracking radars

NEXEYA was notified last December by the DGA (French defence procurement agency) about performing through-life support of tracking radars and the logistical maintenance of mobile equipment (trailers and shelters).

NEXEYA will carry out maintenance (NTI2 to 3) of a set of 18 tracking radars and 27 mobile trailers and shelters over a period of 7 years (2017 to 2023), and modernization and obsolescence treatment work.

NEXEYA’s know-how and skills in the preventive and curative maintenance of radars and optronic systems have been recognized for many years. In the past, NEXEYA has successfully performed the upgrading and through-life support of optronic turrets and on-board surveillance radars.

“I was appointed in 2005 to be responsible for through-life support of the tracking radars in the DGA’s Flight Test Centres and Missile Launch Test Centres, with a full-time team of six persons. We created the market, then provided MOP for 12 years.

This project allowed me to develop rigour, flexibility and management of priorities, because it has the particularity of being under high operational constraint, because the radars are used throughout the year in tests involving many players, giving rise to demanding schedules. It also enabled me to work in a multi-site (7) and multi-technology context (4 different types of radar), with many sub-contractors. The project calls on a variety of skills: mechanical and mechanical, electronic, and hyper-frequency servo-systems.

As proof of client satisfaction, we have just won the tender for the period 2017-2023, with an enlargement of the perimeter to trailers and mobile radar shelters, also trailers and shelters of other mobile equipment.”

Eric FISCHER – Project Leader