Florence Sanchez

Production Manager for IRIDIUM-NEXT

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IRIDIUM-NEXT Satellite Structures and Harnesses

Currently the European leader in satellite structures and harnesses, NEXEYA owes its success to the IRIDIUM NEXT project, the largest satellite constellation in the world for satellites over one tonne, with a worldwide coverage for secure communications.

In 2012, after a tough worldwide competition, NEXEYA was awarded production of the harnesses and composite panels for all 81 IRIDIUM-NEXT satellites, for an amount exceeding €20 million. Offering proposals with particularly innovative solutions, NEXEYA knew how to win the client over in its final decision.

For NEXEYA, the project includes production, testing, integration, and delivery of the harnesses (P/F & P/L) and structural panels (P/F), involving 800,000 connection points, 360 composite panels, working at a rate of 4 satellites/month, a performance 40% greater than the market standard, and appropriate logistics management.

To succeed in this project, NEXEYA has implemented an effective and structured industrial organisation, requiring significant investment of human, financial, and material resources.

This amazing experience, which will end in 2017, required the involvement of around 45 people working full-time for 4 years. The high performance tools now available to NEXEYA put it in a position to set its sights on new international markets and new constellations.

“ Appointed Production Manager for the IRIDIUM-NEXT project, I am responsible for the production of the 240 harnesses that equip the constellation’s 81 satellites, over a period of 4 years, and managing an average of around fourteen employees.

Trained in prototype production, this project has allowed me to take a different approach to harness production, by implementing a sequenced schedule to meet deadlines, creating productivity and quality indicators adapted to the schedule in order to meet fixed objectives, and adapting my management in the support and training of employees.

IRIDIUM-NEXT has helped me to develop not just in terms of my job, but also as a person. As this project comes to an end, I want to thank all the services and employees who participated in its success. ”

Florence Sanchez – Production Manager for IRIDIUM-NEXT