Active and Passive Thermal Control

NEXEYA designs, manufactures, tests and integrates satellite and instrument thermal control subsystems. The most comprehensive of these subsystems comprise: SLI’s, MLI’s, secondary support structures made from kevlar or aluminium, Sunshield, RF screens, SSM, OSR, thermistors, heaters, heat pipes, fluid loops, SIGRAFLEX® or CHO-THERM® seals, etc.

The greatest stresses a satellite undergoes are thermal stresses, being subject to a very high thermal gradient (from -160°C in the shadow of the Earth to +150°C in direct sunlight). Thermal control systems thus play a major role in the service life of the satellite. NEXEYA can implement a wide range of processes compatible with project mission specifications (shadow edging, sun edging, atomic oxygen (ATOX) environment, use of titanium, etc.) and with the requirements of the major contractors in the Space industry.

Thanks to its stocks of materials and components, NEXEYA can guarantee good responsiveness and provide solutions to customer requirements and constraints. NEXEYA is able to offer everything from one-off qualification models to the mass production of recurring models, both for the telecommunications field and for Earth observation and science.