Assembly, Integration And Testing

NEXEYA has 1,000m² of ISO 8 cleanrooms and two ISO 5 laminar flows integrating all types of space systems at the appropriate level of cleanliness.

NEXEYA also has the control means necessary to measure and verify adjustments and alignments to assembled systems and equipment. These means include, notably, a ROMER® arm, a large-capacity three-dimensional machine and a laser tracker. NEXEYA also uses mechanical and thermal testing means for the environmental testing and validation of space flight hardware subject to high stresses.

NEXEYA develops integrated sub-assemblies, systems and equipment, thanks to the fundamental skills it has developed over the past 20 years (composites, MLI’s, harnesses, machined parts, embedded electronics, etc.) as well as its recognized expertise as a systems integrator (satellite batteries, antennas, source supports, power management equipment, mechanisms, propulsion nozzles, stable optical instrument structures, etc.).

NEXEYA assists its customers in the integration phases, either on its own premises or on those of its customers.  Thanks to its extensive expertise, NEXEYA has carried out integration activities for the Space sector in France and abroad.