Composite and Monolithic Structures

For more than 20 years, NEXEYA has been designing, manufacturing, testing and integrating aluminium and carbon composite structures for the space industry. All of our production means are compatible with 3m x 2m panels. NEXEYA implements cutting-edge technologies: stable aluminium or carbon skins, dual density honeycomb, bonding of doublers, embedded fittings and heat pipes, flat or curved shapes, Z306 or PU1 paint, etc. The majority of its processes are carried out internally (drape forming of skins, construction of sandwich panels, firing, trimming, drilling, bonding of inserts, machining, finishing and equipping of panels, static tests, etc.) NEXEYA has established a strong partner network for non-destructive testing and processing of materials.

NEXEYA can manufacture all sorts of panels, from standard panels to stable carbon structure panels for Earth observation or science instruments. Our production capacity lets us develop one-off products or prototypes, as well as meeting mass production requirements for constellations such as Globalstar 2, O3B Network, or IRIDIUM NEXT.