Ground-Based Systems Associated with Space Flight Hardware

NEXEYA is a recognised expert in the field of systems testing, particularly in the Space sector. NEXEYA designs, creates, and develops all types of tools and test benches for the validation of equipment in the mechanical, electrical and optical fields. Examples: Hoisting mechanisms, integration and alignment frames, stable positioning and validation benches for the optics chain, electrical and RF test benches for embedded equipment, electrical validation test benches during the satellite AIT stage, high frequency measuring and signal processing benches, etc.

NEXEYA develops ground-based systems, both for its own use on the space flight hardware it manufactures, and at the request of customers.

Its design and manufacture of more than 400 test benches over the past 20 years has provided NEXEYA with optimised and reusable technological building blocks.  The maintenance of benches is carried out by NEXEYA. In over 10 years, NEXEYA has maintained 200 test benches and tools on behalf of its major customers.