With “Small Sats by NEXEYA”, NEXEYA is offering a range of small highly reliable platforms (from 6U to 27U), from 10kg to 40kg.  They are accessible to non-experienced professionals who are eager to take advantage of fast access to space that is both highly competitive and efficient.

These satellite platforms, used for observation, low-speed telecommunications and technology demonstrations, have an unparalleled orbit lifetime for their size, with over 3 years of service commitment. Available in various configurations (standard, intermediate and premium) and designed to reduce non-recurring costs and integration and operation costs, they provide new opportunities for defence, Earth observation in high resolution (video and imaging), data collection from connected objects, in-flight demonstrations of technology and components (or software), scientific research missions, and pharmaceutical and biological experiments in microgravity.

NEXEYA also provides training on the use of satellites, and offers mission consulting and analysis services. It can also integrate payloads, take control of launch and post-launch manoeuvres / putting into orbit, and provide data post-processing services.