Wire Harnesses for Payloads, Platforms and Instruments

NEXEYA is a European leader in the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of embedded harnesses for satellites and launchers. NEXEYA is capable of electrically and mechanically designing instrument harnesses (500 connection points) to harnesses with the most complex payloads (35 to 40,000 connection points).

NEXEYA’s expertise has been certified (ASF N° 13-69) by the CNES (the French government space agency) for all of its internal processes implemented in the development of space wiring systems. NEXEYA manufactures the Vehicle Equipment Bay harnesses for Ariane 5. This bay represents the heart of the launcher, centralizing all of the equipment interfacing with the propulsion control-command systems and monitor the payloads.

NEXEYA also manufactures harnesses for satellites in various fields: TV/radio/Internet communications, Earth observation and science, navigation, radar and satellite imagery, and satellite constellations.  Thanks to this diversity of applications, NEXEYA has gained extensive experience in the implementation of its processes and the inherent design constraints.