For a long time, NEXEYA has designed, manufactured, and supported innovative equipment for air, land, naval, and joint task forces. Our goal: to support these forces in the long term to protect territories and populations.

NEXEYA is involved in three areas of defence :

  • Navigation, guidance and optronics : NEXEYA provides embedded systems for gathering and processing data, as well as guidance and navigational plotting equipment.
  • Electromagnetic protection and combat systems : NEXEYA designs power conversion solutions that provide magnetic silencing for submarines and frigates. NEXEYA also offers operational maintenance services for combat and weapons systems.
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence : NEXEYA develops mission management systems that can detect and identify threats, helping with decision making.

Whether it is a new or an upgrade programme for submarines, ships, military planes, helicopters, drones, land vehicles or radars: NEXEYA’s highly qualified teams, comprised of people from the world of defence operations, provide all their expertise to satisfy the needs of their customers and provide solutions adapted to harsh environments.