For many years, NEXEYA has carried out operational maintenance on critical equipment for electricity suppliers. More recently, NEXEYA has been working on the development of highly innovative technologies in the fields of power conversion and energy storage. Our objective: to take an active role in helping to solve the world’s energy problems by providing solutions which increase the energy efficiency and safety of installations.

NEXEYA operates in three areas :

  • Energy storage and recovery : NEXEYA designs and manufactures energy storage solutions that mitigate the intermittency of renewable energy. Using intelligent monitoring and a centralised control system for stored energy, our customers can optimise the overall output of their installation.
  • Power conversion : NEXEYA develops and manufactures high-power power systems (power banks) and modular power solutions (rectifiers/battery chargers, power inverters and power converters).
  • Supervision and control-command : NEXEYA offers digital control-command systems to supervise complex systems and provides control and data acquisition systems that offer real-time access to a large number of measurements and remote control of applications. These solutions comply with nuclear safety standards.

NEXEYA also supports its energy sector customers by providing services in prime contractor and contracting authority assistance (logistics, planning, etc.), as well as in operational maintenance (maintaining and prolonging the useful life of critical equipment).

For both new and modernisation projects, NEXEYA’s teams have developed a safety-focused expertise in electronics technologies and processes, giving the company a unique position in the Energy market. An expert in codes and standards, NEXEYA is also certified by EDF.