The NEXEYA Group is present in various areas of the transport industry. As an industrial partner of the aeronautics industry for more than 30 years, contributing to the reliability and safety of urban and high-speed trains, NEXEYA is also positioned in the innovative field of automotive.



Electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles: the automotive industry has seen many revolutions, and the technological and safety challenges it faces are similar to those in the aeronautics or railway industries. NEXEYA’s technology and expertise in the fields of testing, systems integration, and energy conversion, are therefore perfectly suited to the automotive industry. Our objective: to help our customers to overcome their performance and safety challenges.



NEXEYA has been an industrial partner in the aeronautics industry for over 30 years, providing products and solutions to manufacturers of civil and military aircraft, as well as to their equipment manufacturers. The company also supports them in their two major challenges: to increase aircraft reliability, and improve their performance.


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Electrical distribution and control-command. In these two key fields, NEXEYA provides high added-value products and services to railway builders and operators. Therefore contributing to the reliability and safety of trains, underground railways, and trams.