NEXEYA has been an industrial partner in the aeronautics industry for over 30 years, providing products and solutions to manufacturers of civil and military aircraft, as well as to their equipment manufacturers. The company also supports them in their two major challenges: to increase aircraft reliability, and improve their performance.

NEXEYA is involved at every stage of development and throughout the life cycle of an aircraft, from design and validation of prototypes through to maintenance.

NEXEYA therefore designs and proposes a range of products to test aircraft avionics and electrical systems (validation, integration, fault detection) as well as specific tools for assembly lines.

In addition to these tools, NEXEYA also produces embedded power conversion components (rectifiers, converters).

Whether they are working on a new project, or an aircraft upgrade, NEXEYA’s teams, thanks to their technical skills in multiple disciplines, can manage each project with the highest level of commitment, ensuring that it is completed on time and in compliance with the customer’s specification.