Electrical distribution and control-command. In these two key fields, NEXEYA provides high added-value products and services to railway builders and operators. Therefore contributing to the reliability and safety of trains, underground railways, and trams.

NEXEYA operates mainly in three areas in the railway industry :

  • Signalling and evaluation systems (on-board and track-side) : NEXEYA provides simulation and test tools that can be used on the platform to check that the CBTCs (Communication Based Train Controls) are working properly. These tools are used to develop evaluation algorithms, to train operators, and to detect faults.
  • Electrical distribution : NEXEYA provides test equipment that can automatically detect electrical cabling faults on board trains. This equipment is used before and during the assembly of new trains, but also on equipment in operation.
  • Power conversion : NEXEYA provides a complete range of rectifiers, converters, and inverters that are perfectly suited to the environments and specific standards of the railway industry.

In addition to its products, NEXEYA offers operational maintenance and modernisation services (repair, remanufacturing, redesign) for all types of electronic equipment and test tools used in the railway industry.