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Newsletter #16 - February 2019

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“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

Last month, I announced the fifth NEXEYA DAYS that will take place in Paris. Be prepare to a participative mindset ! indeed, the unroll of the NEXEYA days will change in order to have more participation of all of you during these days. We will dedicate some workshops to let you share your capabilities. We want so better communicate to our sales team your means that can be used by our sales in order to promote our products and services in your countries. We want also improve your sales efficiency by telling to our team who to call, when to call as well as what to sell on your territories because of your customers knowledges or your already networks. I will come back to you this month to share some documents in order to prepare the workshops.

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2019, AIRBUS DEFENSE AND SPACE and NEXEYA signed  a partnership agreement on the nano-satellites market. NEXEYA will offer AIRBUS DEFENSE AND SPACE its range of nano-satellites HEMERIA, in the size segment from 6U to 27U, and will benefit in exchange for the expertise of AIRBUS DEFENSE AND SPACE as prime contractor and integrator of complex space systems. The price / performance ratio and the speed of implementation make it possible to envisage a wide range of new applications. Thanks to this agreement, NEXEYA and AIRBUS DEFENSE AND SPACE will be able to explore the opportunities promised by the nano-satellites constellations and offer new missions in the field of demonstrators and operational programs.


WIDD enhance its interface with new functionalities. Our cable tester WIDD will be proposed soon with a new interface and functionalities in order to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of business requirements, culture, workplace efficiency... Note that this update is integrated into a WIDD roadmap that answer to the need in order to stay in the competition, as well as because you have to stay ahead of the technology curve and evolve go-to-market to address rapidly changing behavior of your customers. Which is our case today in order to continue to well approach all the activities that address the WIDD such as multi-business, multi-domain and export-oriented products. The WiDD perfectly illustrates this, addressing both the Aerospace, Naval, Space or maintenance, production, industry and others. In this spirit, the WiDD roadmap has integrated the provision of the KALLISTE graphical environment.

Note that KALLISTE makes it possible to create test and supervision applications without any language or macro language. Programs are simply written using English sentences proposed by the system according to the context of use. Moreover, KALLISTE is not just a graphical environment, its a multi-domain and multi-domain application development software. It facilitates the production and customization of client applications, while providing a library of business objects and advanced functions.

Thus, the WiDD is armed to conquer new markets by providing the customers with customization and ergonomics adapted to its environment (touch, process, internationalization, scalability ...). If you are interested to get more please participate to the next webinar.

Datasheet WiDD Datasheet KALLISTE


Today we are with Marco LIPRANDI. He has lived in Milan for about 30 years, graduate in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico of Turin. He started his activity in AERMACCHI, now part of airplane division of LEONARDO company, where are designed and produced fighters and military trainers mostly. He was responsible for determining the constrains aging on all airplane parts by merging aerodynamics and structural analysis, in flight and wind tunnel tests, with the simulation of all different flight maneuvers, also thanks  to specific software that he had developed. Now he is responsible of the special product division of HOMBERGER, our distributor in Italy for Power Conversion Solutions. The activity of this division is focused principally, but not exclusively, on the Defense, Aerospace and Naval markets and its a reference for the customers to solve vibration problems or when they have to cool by fans and blowers or actuate with special motors their equipments. Now with him, we are proposing to the customers the new generation of our converters and inverters that offer highly innovative solutions and respect the products of our competitors. The main markets in which we are working now are aerospace (aircrafts and helicopters) and radars. But also the railway world is a target for us.

Datasheet PFC TRI Datasheet CVS USB

Fabrice PAGE

Fabrice has 47 years old, married with 2 kids (9 & 12). He is a big fan of sports cars and aviation and enjoy each ray of sunshine over the weekend to practice. He graduated from and engineering school in 1994 and, in 2014, He decided to go back to school to pass an MBA from Toulouse Business School. He started my career at SEBA HYDROMETRIE near Munich in Germany then, He joined NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS working in France, Middle East and USA. After 10 years of great professional experience in test and measurement, he decided to work for his passion: aeronautics. With a friend, they have founded a company to make supply chain monitoring and trade aircraft parts. He travelled all over the world to unlock complicated production situations or source providential parts needed for AOG. He left Paris to Toulouse when He joined NEXEYA 10 years ago (Time goes by fast when you're having fun!). He has managed MIDI INGENIERIE (A Nexeya company designing and manufacturing electronics for motion control) during 7 years and he is now head of the Marketing and the Tiger Team initiated by Philippe GAUTIER. Our mission: accelerate the market entry of new products or technologies with market studies and systematic prospection action. Be part of it!


NEXEYA has participated in the Russian Space Industries Seminar organized by the GIFAS. This meeting is organized in order to initiate cooperation between Russian and French space companies. The meeting started with a Round table with a presentation on the stakes of Franco-Russian space cooperation through an introduction of Nicolas CHAMUSSY, President of the GIFAS Space Commission, Jean-Yves LE GALL, President of CNES and Oleg FROLOV, Vice-President of Roscosmos and then a BtoB meeting was held.

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NEXEYA will participate to AERO-INDIA from 20-24 February 2019, Bengaluru. This year, we are on the booth of our representative, the company COMINT and we invite all of you to visit us. AERO INDIA Exhibition which is organised every two years has already carved a niche for itself globally as a premier aerospace exhibition with eleven successful editions organised since 1996. More then 60,000 business visitors and 100,000 general visitors attended AERO INDIA 2017.

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Last January 10th, NEXEYA employees from business, communication, and BL management went to Angoulême for the Winter Sales Boots Camp, led by Philippe GAUTIER. The team began the seminar with a visit tour of our La Couronne site, including presentations of LYNCEA and the MOLODES project, before continuing on to the meeting in the center of Angoulême.

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As part of the vulnerability assessment of civil engineering works against seismic hazards, CEA Saclay's ESMI laboratory conducts tests on full-scale or small scale buildings using vibrating tables set in motion by high power hydraulic actuators. An alternative to these large scale tests is to conduct “hybrid” tests where only part of the most sensitive construction work is physically tested using hydraulic actuators, while the less used parts whose behavior is less known may be simulated.

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Czech Republic - 11th to 15th February 2019
Germany - 4th to 8th March 2019



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AERO INDIA - February 20 - 24, 2019
DPRTE - 28 March, 2019
SATELLITE 2019 - May 6-9, 2019
NEXEYA DAYS 2019 - June 13-14, 2019
LE BOURGET - June 17-23, 2019

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