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Newsletter #8 - April 2018

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 “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen HAWKING

E-commerce & digital ecosystems are disrupting global retail faster than ever before. Shifts in the external world, especially society and technology factors, are driving the rise of e-commerce & digital ecosystems. The pace of technological change is faster than ever before, digitizing world and shaping the world and customer demands.
This shift towards e-commerce is disrupting the conventional supply chain, dramatically altering the role reseller, dramatically altering the role of the distributors.

To thrive in this future world with new competitors and new business models, company such as NEXEYA must be equipped with a new capability tool kit and a roadmap for success.
This is why NEXEYA has decided to invest to digitalized all its activities as well as its sales. On the product of the month, we talk about the new tools and process used by NEXEYA CANADA to focus our sales in the automotive market. May I suggest you to invest a little part of your time to look at this study and come back to us if any !

Good Reading,

NEXEYA breaks the screen

DASSAULT AVIATION has awarded NEXEYA to provide its embedded/rugged Panel PC for the campaign of retrofit of its MIRAGE 2000-D program. The Panel PC that we will supply is a 12 inches finless multi-touch screen panel dedicated to harsh environments.

Our main benefit has been to be able to combine a very compact frame with a high computing power. Other benefits are that the screen is sun light readable as well as is dimmable to a very low back light intensity for night use. Also, as an option, we can proposed a dual backlight technology fully compatible with Night Vision Goggles.

The Panel PC is supporting both Microsoft Windows 7 or 10, as well as Linux. To finish, the Panel PC is qualified according to MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E, GAM EG13 and DO-160 standards. If you need more details on our Panel PCs, do not hesitate to connect you in our new website and to have the last brochures.

 NEXEYA on a smart city showcase in China

A Sino-French investment fund in charge of helping companies to set up in China and in particular in Hangzhou has awarded NEXEYA for the first phase of the deployment of its dream town development. This fund finance demonstrators as well as the creation of joint venture with Chinese partners. As you may know, Energy Storage is the key for Energy Optimization and Storage. The combination of innovative technologies insure cost/benefit advantage. NEXEYA has been selected to participate to the first demonstrator on a district of 8Ha next to the headquarters of ALIBABA and after should come an another district but with a area of 293Ha.
For this contract, we supply a virtual Energy Storage system such as a simulator to help of the complete visualization of the system integrated on its environment. The delivery has to fit the official visit of French government people that should do the inauguration of all this environmental projects at the beginning of June 2018.
Second step will consist of the realization and installation of a small power station of Energy Storage in real size. If you are interested to look at our capabilities in Energy Storage don’t hesitate to contact us or Loic CARRE (, our specialist in this field of activity.

    NEXEYA sets out to conquer the North American automobile market.

In the last month NEXEYA CANADA has been focusing on the Automotive Market.

Our efforts concentrate on three areas :
• Electrical Interconnect Testing for Internal Combustion Engines
• Electrical Interconnect Testing for EV and Hybrid Vehicles
• Testing of Charging Stations for EV Vehicles

We have deployed several tools in the development of this project. These tools has been described during an internal Sales Boot Campaign and deployed in our online Sales Hub.
• We started with the Project Fusion Tool to map out customers in a certain geography.
• Once we identified customers in a territory we determined what they offered by product category (SWOT and 4Ps was kept in mind during this phase).
• We developed a Generic Automotive Presentation which we customize to the individual company.
• We developed a Target Email that was the same for everyone, highlighting all our key points.
• We used our networks and LinkedIn Navigator to find potential customers.
• We entered our contacts in PipeDrive and began the Prospecting Project.
• We saved all our Automotive Presentations in Honeycomb and they are available for everyone to use.

Each week we review our progress, discuss lessons learned, make adjustments.

If you would like more information please let us know and we can help develop the market in your territory by using our tools and associate services.



Today, we are with Eugenia FINOCCHIARO from the company CRISEL. She is born in Rome during the seventy. She is living in Rome with her husband Eugenio DEL RE that is a professor at the department of Physics at the University of Rome - la Sapienza, and her two children Enrico Alberto, 15 years old and Isabella of 10 years old.

Eugenia is degree in Physics with an experimental thesis that required two campaigns of measures, one at the Synchrotron del Lure in Paris and one at the European Synchrotron Facility in Grenoble. The studies focused on the nature of proteins and structural folding leading to the publication : "Conformational study of proteins by SAXS and EDXD : the case of trypsin and trypsinogen", European Biophysical Journal, Vol. 30, 163-170 (2001). She continued her studies with a scholarship at INFM (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia).

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Today, the portrait that I present you is between hook captain and little mermaid.

When Nadège was a child she dreamed to becoming admiral, while his parents would have preferred to see her embracing a career as a doctor or something similar. Her parents finally given up this idea even they have keep the hope that she would change her mind, she just chose not to make a military career and to enter into the Merchant Navy. Thus, in 1992, she joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime to become a master mariner (Merchant Navy Unlimited Master). Then she sailed until 2010, on different types of cargo ships, tankers, chemical tankers, passenger ships, at different positions and both technical management and navigation. She had travel a lot and worked with crews of several nationalities.
Life on a boat with sometimes complicated situations to manage allowed her to develop a lot of competencies such as adaptation and quick decision making. She then oriented her career towards the Naval Industry with a company such as CNN MCO, in New Caledonia, where she was responsible for the technical and contractual management of the through life support of the frigates used for surveillance in the South Pacific zone.

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of the last months

NEXEYA in the UK’s leading Defence procurement and supply chain event

This event is organized by the MOD UK in order to help all its suppliers to better understand their working. Throughout the day participant enjoyed free training opportunities and the innovation shown in the product showcase. All the exhibition is split in zones : 6 Networking & Collaboration Zones in total with a prime contractors buyer engagement village that are invite to found new partners or sub-contractors. This year the main subject was that the UK Ministry of Defence has appointed an alliance team led by BAE Systems and shipbuilding & conversion specialist Cammell Laird to deliver its Type 45 Power Improvement Project. Therefore, a strong community of BAE buyers was present as well as other such as Cammell laird but also GE, QINETIQ. It was a very interesting show for 3 of our business lines : TIS for the test benches, CS for the NAVAL customer support and MMS for the combat management system. We will resume contact with all buyers meet and hope for a return very quickly.

Outside with our representatives !

Nexeya has participate in two road trips this month.

The first was in Italia with our representative CRISEL for materials presentation (Eugenia Finocchiaro and Carlo FLORIO). We had the chance to visit company LEONARDO GROUP such as ALENIA, OTO MELARA as well as MBDA and ALSTOM. We do the presentation of the WIDD, panels PC, MAGALI and also KALLISTE.

The second road trip was in Korea with our representative SYTEC corporation (S.J. Kang, Chul Hwang and Hyungjin Kim). The main focus was our business around the EOTS, FTS to ADD. We do also a visit of the Space Center of KARI. Maintenance of EOTS of the Space Center and also subject around the telemetry with KARI.

These visits are necessary to well understand customer needs and to qualify potentials business in each of these countries. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want us to participate at your customers visits.

To the quest of America Space !

This year, SATTELITE 2018, was in WASHINGTON and the event has been the opportunity to combine our effort with AEROSPACE VALLEY initiative as well as other “spatial” companies members of the AEROSPACE VALLEY. During this show, AEROSPACE VALLEY has put forward a dedicate brand NEWSPACE FACTORY. During the event, the French Embassy has invite exhibitors and French Delegation for a soiree with a total of 120 guests.

NEXEYA has showcases all his legacy space products line such as harnesses, structures, thermal protection and AIT. NEXEYA has participated to a lot of meetings with companies such as BOEING, SSL, MDA, ORBITAL ATK SATELLITES, ALLIANCE SPACE SUYSTEMS, CNES representative in US, DELMARVA ENGINEERING, AIRBUS DS NORTH AMERICA, OHB, FAKEL, SAFRAN SPACE FLIGHT. Now our work will be to do follow up with our representative of all this contacts in order to conclude sales.

Improved and optimized NEXEYA's new website

Following many requests from collaborators, we recently upgraded the website. These improvements will allow you to access all the news of the group and easily find all the brochures of our products.

Where to discover these new improvements ? :
1. Integration of a "News" section with the latest news of NEXEYA, so people without social networks can know the news of our company. This page will also help to generate more traffic on our site and participate in a better SEO.
2. Integration of a "Documentation & Support" section offering the possibility to create a personal account on our site to access at our « Datasheet » and « Support » sections. The "Datasheet" section contains all the brochures of our products, and the "Support" section allows a customer to solicit us for a technical or commercial question by including attachments. We decided to submit these two sections to the obligation of creating an account in order to recover a database of prospects that can be used by our sales representatives.


May 28 - June 1, 2018 - Germany 

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