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Newsletter #9 - May 2018

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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." Steve Jobs

Our aspiration is to transform the way NEXEYA products are sold with more local marketing, more market analysis and more partners involvement in order to have an optimized customer analysis. How it will be implemented ? In fact, we will ask to some of you to participate in our Customer Relationship Management evaluation that will allow us to share informations and contacts to therefore improve our sales experience in each of your country. We will measure your market (sizing the customers that can be targeting), learn (to optimize and mature our customer action) better your market to finally better build our common future. To finish, I want thanks all the representatives that confirmed their participations on the next NEXEYA DAY’s, we will work all together to preparing the future. Don’t forget the quote above, great things are done by a team and we are a team !

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MPT enhance its performances with STUDIO

NEXEYA MPT has been selected by PARKER for a new project where they are working on. PARKER HANNIFIN has been a customer of ours for 20 years and they use the MPT5000L for many years but this year was the first tester that they bought that also included the STUDIO SOFTWARE. The first MPTs was used to test on the fin control servo actuation system for the Raytheon/Lockheed MARTIN JAVELIN missile. A this time, it will be their first STUDIO system and has been delivered with an emulator. STUDIO E is the hardware emulator for NEXEYA’s MPT 2 & CTX electrical interconnect test equipment family of products. STUDIO E enables engineers, technicians and operators to develop, validate and verify test programs without the need to connect to actual test hardware. The main interest is that test programs are deployed to the actual test hardware only when ready for production thus minimizing production interruptions and downtime. Begin able to develop, validate and debug Test Programs outside the Test Equipment Environment saves time and money. Data sheet is attached and call us for a demo !


MAG300 a concentrate of capabilities !

The MAGALI MAG300 digital bus solution is a compact and mobile station with all the necessary features to exchange datas with different kinds of equipment communicating via digital buses such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, ARINC-664, DIGIBUS. The MAG 300 includes the digital bus MAGALI suite offering a wide acquisition functions as well as a set of tools for data display and analysis, replay and datas extraction. MAG 300 is supporting all major numerical buses such as MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, ARINC-664, DIGIBUS as well advanced tools for analysis and fault detection, IRIG-B time input for stamping and synchronization. MAG 300 is a Modular and open architecture dedicated also for acquisition, control and datas simulation. With network architecture option for remote control or distribution, from compact format to rack-mount installation, real time and post-processing functions. The applications are various because it is a tool for analysis and fault detection that can be used for development, test and manufacturing furthermore MAG300 works under by KALLISTE our innovative software dedicated to engineers that want design your own applications without the need to learn any programming language. Don't hesitate to ask for a webinar in order to go in further details with this tool, we will be pleased to teach all of you as well as customers all the advantage that can offer MAG 300 for their applications.


S. J. Kang is graduated in the department of electronic engineering in (Hanyang) University in Seoul and have worked on the field of various data acquisition and structure analysis for the R&D Dept. of heavy industrial area (Shipbuilding, Car Manufacturer and, now, Military & Aerospace). He works to represent ADAS and then NEXYEA since the 90’ with several success with space and aerospace company such as KARI and DANAM for telemetry stations. Today, he is the President of SYTEC Corp ( and his continues his development as well as his cooperation with NEXEYA in a new projects. Furthermore, he has great new opportunities coming with Electro Optical Tracking Systems (EOTS), FTS and Telemetry with South Korean MOD.

of the last months

NEXEYA showcases its solutions in Scandinavia

NEXEYA has participated in two Scandinavian exhibitions with his representatives.

NEXEYA has participated in two Scandinavian exhibitions with its representatives. The first in Finland, EVERTEQ HELSINKI with several contacts on Maritime Industries as well as radio and telecommunications technology industries (NOKIA, ERICSSON, INTEL, CORIANT), electronics & cables manufacturing and several start-ups companies in need of tests equipment. This exhibition is moving to other countries such as Warsaw and Linkoping. (


The second in Sweden, S.E.E. - Scandinavian Electronics Event which is the arena for innovative electronics solutions, inspiring meetings and business making ! S.E.E. is the largest meeting place for the Nordic Electronics Industry working on connected equipment (IOTS), autonomous vehicules and artificial intelligence. It is organized by Stockholmsmässan and the Swedish Electronics Trade Association once a year ( NEXEYA has showcase its cable test products line such as the WIDD & EZX but also all test solutions.

NEXEYA strengthens its ties with the Russian space sector

On April 13th, the International Association of Space Actors (IASP) honored NEXEYA with welcoming us to its premises in Moscow to discuss possible cooperation between the two organizations. IASP proposes to help NEXEYA to make its solutions known to Russian actors in the space sector by offering an area of dialogue as well as inviting them to the many thematic events whether IASP presides or organizes during the year. To provide a formal framework for this cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Mr. Vladimirovich KRIVOPOUSKOV Chairman of IASP and members of the Management Board of ROSCOSMOS and Hervé JOVER representing NEXEYA. IASP has also proposed to NEXEYA to adhere to the Association and join its "club" of major players in the space sector. NEXEYA would become the first non-Russian company to join the association.

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MAGALI take off in a new space center



Last week NEXEYA received its Korean customers in its Toulouse premise. Our customer, DANAM system inc, and the end user, KARI, were in our premise in order to do the acceptance delivery of two new MAGALI telemetry stations. The telemetry stations will be installed on the pitch of the launcher KSLV-II whose first qualifying shot is scheduled for next October. During the visit, NEXEYA presented to KARI, all of our know-how in the field of space such as the harnesses, structures, nanosats as well as our EGSE activites to test all satellites functions. Customers and KARI was especially impressed by your achievements on Ariane 5. We have concluded their visit by a tour on La Cité de l'Espace of Toulouse.

NEXEYA DAYS 2018 Going to be a big success !

The countdown has started ! And we are close to pass the finish line... We will be all together in end of June and this year for the NEXEYA days we going to have minimum thirty guests with eighteen nationalities which is almost 30% more than the previous session. You are welcome to confirm your participation until mid of May. After this date, it belong to the hotel capacities still available.

Also, don’t forget to participate to the NEXEYA contest !


All of you are welcome to participate on this contest. I remind you that there are 3 prize categories:
1. Largest cable tester Sales : The best representative that sale cable tester product in the next 2 months.
2. New products : The best representative to sales new products. The firsts who sale a new NEXEYA product in the NEXEYA product list in the next 2 months will be rewarded.
3. Largest new sales orders : All largest orders registered in the next 2 months will be rewarded for this contest. Orders will be accumulated in order to reward the best total amount.

All order must be sent and register before June 15th , 2018 at the latest, by email to me,
Mid of June, a jury chaired by Philippe GAUTIER shall meet in order to select the best representative in each of these three categories of the contest. These representatives will be rewarded at a special prize awarding ceremony during the NEXEYA DAYS.


May 28 - June 1, 2018 - Germany 

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