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Newsletter #10 - June 2018

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“It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” Bill GATES

End of this month, we host our channel partners for the fourth NEXEYA DAYS. It is time to celebrate successes but also to heed the lessons on our failures as mentioned by Bill GATES on the above quote. Therefore we will look at what is working well, what is not working. It’s time to exchange, shows complexity to develop businesses and obviously looking and see if our model of work need to be modify or adapted.

Before anything, it is important to understand the business and mindset of our partners and which real value they brings to us however we can’t ignore complexity of all of them that can face to a local competition in their country. Across discussions and exchanges, we will took actions to develop opportunities as well as applying some self-analysis in order to initiate a new dynamic. All of this in a friendly atmosphere. See you in Toulouse, buddies !

A new MPT saga in South Africa

NEXEYA is selected on the largest project in ALSTOM’s history, for suburban trains in South Africa. ALSTOM GIBELA is a South African rail company born out of a consortium that was awarded PRASA’s 10-year rolling stock programmed to design, manufacture and deliver 600 passenger trains. ALSTOM GIBELA is a joint venture led by ALSTOM and co-owned by local shareholders, UBUMBANO RAIL and NEW AFRICA RAIL. The company has been created following the announcement of PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa) for the supply of 600 X’Ttrapolis Mega commuter trains (3,600 cars) over a period of 10 years. The contract includes the construction of a local manufacturing facility in Dunnottar, 50 km east of Johannesburg. In addition, ALSTOM GIBELA will provide technical support and supply of spare parts over an 18-year period. The overall value of this contract is worth € 4bn.

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In our ever-evolving industry, change is inevitable and especially when we are speaking about environment protection. We are face today on a huge demand in renewable energies and backup powers applications are no exception to the rule. That is why NEXEYA has decided to launch a complete backup solution integrated in a 20 feet long container including electrolyze, fuel cell, batteries and all the controls device for small backup solution that can be used for application such as villages off grid, base of life (military, humanitarian, scientific), telecom antennas, aerial surveillance radars, national parks and protected areas, hotel, hospitals, data centers and telecommunications stations, where brief power outages can be extremely costly. Traditionally, these industries have relied on cumbersome banks of batteries (lead batteries) and/or diesel generators for backup power. The drawbacks are inconsistent power, limited runtime, physical plant issues and high maintenance. With also today the constraint to look at the recycling the old material in the respect of the environment. NEXEYA energy storage solutions offer clean, secure and cost effective emergency power that lasts. Compatible with all sources of energy such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, hydroelectric, biomass … Our solution offer consistent power and virtually limitless runtime with a storage capacity up to several MWh. To finish, our energy storage systems embedded advanced energy management solution enabling continuous energy supply and can be easily integrated with existing micro-grid thanks to its modular architecture. Our team will be at the NEXEYA DAYS to a complete explanation of this new power backup concept. For more information see the brochure attached.



Today, we are with Evira TRI NOVERNI from the company PT SINAR GUPITA in Indonesia. Evira comes from a beautiful tropical archipelago country, called Indonesia. It is surrounded by sea and have thousands of islands, many ethnicities and hundreds of local languages. After she graduated from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, she started his work in the Aerospace Industry by being a representative for a cable company from USA. Her first customer was the INDONESIAN AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. At the same time, she was also a representative for maritime companies especially for Educational Equipment. She learned about her country through her activities in both the aerospace and maritime sectors. She have been travelling to many places in Indonesia and therefore know the needs of her country. After some years, she realized that she have to continue her study to obtain a master degree in Economic. The reason was, so that she can speed up herself as well as to know more and to understand better Indonesia in order to make a better Indonesia.

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This month we are with Emmanuel BOCHER FOURNET the head of the sales for the NEXEYA Mission Management Systems business line. After an University education, Emmanuel entered in the French Navy. He starts his career as a radar operator and he works specifically on the electronic warfare during 10 years to then jointed the teams of the Testing Division of the DGA who is based on the BEM MONGE. The BEM MONGE is a french Navy vessel used in order to the study, development and look at the performance of weapon systems such as to doing missile flight tests, which involving a vast arsenal of means. On the BEM MONGE, Emmanuel works first as a radar operator on STRATUS and then to the radar analyzing atmospheric reentry phenomenon (during 4 years) to finally continue is carrier as the head of Test Driving Facility as a responsible for tracking and in-flight backup. At the end of 2009, Emmanuel has joined the company NEXEYA formerly EURILOGIC in the city of Lorient located in French Britany. Emmanuel starts in the company as a project manager (business development + Projects management) in the field of the through life support for the naval applications. Today, Emmanuel is at the head of the commercial direction for Mission Management Systems and also is involve of the export activities for his business line. At forty seven years, Emmanuel has two mains hobbies that he share with his wife and his two children that aren't anymore! (18 and 20 years old). The first is the sailing and the second is horse riding, which he practice as a competitor in national jumping (see picture attached).

of the last months

The teams of NEXEYA CONSEIL & FORMATION awarded by the Gruber Prize 2018

All the NEXEYA CONSEIL & FORMATION teams participating in ESA's Planck mission were awarded by the Gruber Prize 2018, one of the most prestigious scientific awards in cosmology. The spacecraft launched in 2009 had 2 instruments, including a French instrument, HFI (High Frequency Instrument). This instrument was one of the first to benefit from product and quality assurance monitoring during its development, assembly and testing phases, followed in part by NEXEYA C&F teams.

The ESA Plank Mission has a wide variety of scientific aims, including :
• high resolution detections of both the total intensity and polarization of primordial CMB (Cosmic microwave background) anisotropies,
• creation of a catalogue of galaxy clusters through the Sunyaev–Zel'dovich effect,
• observations of the gravitational lensing of the CMB, as well as the integrated Sachs–Wolfe effect,
• observations of bright extragalactic radio (active galactic nuclei) and infrared (dusty galaxy) sources,
• observations of the Milky Way, including the interstellar medium, distributed synchrotron emission and measurements of the Galactic magnetic field, and studies of the Solar System, including planets, asteroids, comets and the zodiacal light.

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Nexeya communication asks to these partners the list of shows and exhibitions that you will be doing over the next six months. We want integrate this list in our visits plan schedule. We are interested for both exhibition as exhibitors and also as visitors. We will therefore see with you if we will joint you and what support we will give you. Please communicate your list at this link :

We hope the participation of all of you. Many thanks in advance !

A batch of opportunity in INDONESIA

In May, NEXEYA has participate in an Indonesian road trip with a focus to the local space agency the LAPAN. During this visit several subjects were approached such as the Nano Satellite, telemetry and FTS. LEMBAGA PENERBANGAN DAN ANTARIKSA NASIONAL (LAPAN) is the Indonesian government space agency. LAPAN is responsible for civilian and military aerospace research. For the last two decades, they managed satellites and small scientific-technology satellites as well as telecommunication satellites Palapa, which were built by Hughes (now Boeing Satellite Systems) and launched from the US on Delta rockets or from French Guiana using Ariane 4 and Ariane 5 rockets. They also developed sounding rockets as well as develop small orbital space launchers. The LAPAN A1 in 2007 and LAPAN A2 satellites were launched by India in 2015. To finish, the last one is the LAPAN-ORARI (LAPAN A3), who is a microsatellite for Earth observation (multi-spectral remote sensing) for land use, natural resource and environment monitoring. The satellite structure and many subsystems are the same as in its sister satellite LAPAN A2. Discussions are around a cooperation in our Nano satellites as well as telemetry based on existing solution that are used for launchers. customer also show an interest in our flight termination systems. This relation who start 2 years ago is clearly the fruit of number of visits organized with the support of our local representative that help us to facilitate our relation with this main player in the Asia space market.


NEXEYA will participate in EUROSATORY 2018 from June 11 to 15, this is the world’s largest international Land and Airland Defence and Security tradeshow : ( and we will welcome all our representatives during this event. EUROSATORY welcomes high qualified visitors looking firstly to discover new products and systems. During the last session, 212 Official Delegations from 94 countries attended the exhibition. 8,217 representatives of the military and security forces. Moreover, professionals visitors from 140 countries walked the exhibition aisle (57,024 visitors). NEXEYA will feature its defense products and solutions such as our compact computers for harsh environment, displays & panels as well as its cable testers activities. NEXEYA will also promote its surveillance system name ARGOSIA. See you there !


21-22 june, 2018 - Toulouse

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EZX Cable Test

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