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Newsletter #11 - July / August 2018

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“Friendship is the bond of two souls similar, united by their strengths, and however independent.” Honore de balzac

Many thanks for all the participants ! It was a great moment that we had all together during this fourth NEXEYA DAYS. All NEXEYA enjoyed to host you during this two days of meeting. We are writing a new page of our cooperation with you and hope that with this event you had also a better view of our capabilities. NEXEYA is moving fast ! Because world is moving fast as well, this is why yardsticks from the past are no more a reference. Start-up has change the order establish since years because they are moving faster and NEXEYA has proposing innovative solution such as energy storage and Nanosatellite technologies to stay on the rush. Once again, part of this change will be held by your channels and partners. Therefore we need you to be successful in our markets because our strategy is based around you. This is why, in September, we will be all together to start new campaigns of customers visits with you !

Have a nice summer break !

NEXEYA on the bridge with its displays !

NEXEYA has been selected on the upgrade of the SPRAT (Système de Pose RApide de Travures) project. NEXEYA will replace all the screens by its rugged displays.

The screens have :
• 12 backlit function keys F1 to F12 placed on the left and right of the screen vertically.
• a video key to select the video source to display placed below the screen
• an On / Off button on the bottom of the screen. This button is used to turn off the power of the LCD screen and thus optimize its lifetime.
• an OSD accessible by four control keys (MENU, SEL, + and -) backlit below the screen.

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NEXEYA sunshine aircraft assembly line.

This solution is to treat and eliminate one of the bottleneck who is the installation phase of internal lighting on a final assembly line. This operation cause a lot of loss of times as well as constraint. The principal is to lighting the cabin and the cockpit of the aircraft to simulate daylight inside the aircraft during the integration and test operations.

The benefits are first to replace conventional light systems install inside the aircraft with their tripods and associated cables during a lot of hours by a permanent installation integrated on the structure of the FAL. Also, the FAL cycle is therefore optimized and generate a gain for the time process.

This solution brings benefits in all type of final assembly line from the time where it is integrated either on the structure nor outside the aircraft. We can imagine that all the partners that I have aircraft manufacturing as well as aircraft maintenance have a new solutions that they can proposed to their customers. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marcus KAM

We are this month, with Marcus KAM from Singapore. Marcus started out his career as a project engineer during early phase of the LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT SYSTEM of Singapore. He works on the implementation as well as the installation of the electrical and network system of several stations. Then Marcus has the opportunity to move to a new job that was a big change in its career because it was to sales engineer in the telemetry industry. This is what he did with success and from there, he decides to found CENSIN TECHNOLOGY, which continue to help high tech companies to develop their market in both Singapore and Indonesia. Marcus has long interests in Space activities but the dream come true when with the help of NEXEYA, he managed to sign an partnership agreement between NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, NEXEYA and CENSIN TECHNOLOGY to launch a Nanosatellite into space. To finish, during his spare time, Marcus give some of his weekends to help out in the homes for the Singaporean destitute. Many thanks to him to share his time for others because this is also a value that we appreciate in NEXEYA.

Jean-Michel GOUZENES

My wife and I are living close to Toulouse with our two daughters , Léane (7 years) and Clara (almost 4 years).

I am graduate engineer from ICAM engineering school Toulouse that I do in apprenticeship obtained between 2004 to 2007 when I was on the company name BTS bought NEXEYA SPACE SYSTEM. I also had a chance to do a 6 months internship in England at WEST OF ENGLAND UNIVERSITY in Bristol where I worked on the modernization of the instrumentation of a wind tunnel.

I started my career as a Business Manager at BTS and my first project has been the RX Antennas project for the Globalstar-2 constellation. Then, I moved on a new position in the commercial field from 2010 to develop sales in Europe.

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of the last months

Many thanks for your participation !

This year, we organized the fourth NEXEYA DAYS on our sites of Toulouse.

We had start those two days by an interesting visit of the CNES. During the visit, they has highlight the cooperation between NEXEYA and the CNES that we initiate in the field of Nanosatellite.


Our guests, who come from 27 countries over the world were able to discover our different business lines as well as their novelties in term of products in different workshops spread all over the plant on a friendly ambiance with fruitful exchanges, discussions and demonstrations of material.

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FIA 2018 More than just an Airshow !

NEXEYA has exhibited to the FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW in the suburbs of London, from July 16 to 20, 2018.

This year this exhibition has federated more than 1500 exhibitors from 52 countries, 82 of the top 100 aerospace companies participated at FIA 2016 and over 70000sqm of exhibit space. It is clearly one of the largest industry event on the aerospace community. This show is also a major opportunity to showcase new aircraft such as TAI HURHEJ but also the launch of new aircraft such as SUKHOI SSJ75 and CR929. This is also an exhibition that propose an dedicated Space Zone with all the major actors on this specific market.

This is why NEXEYA has featured its portfolio of products such as its test range, test benches, cable testers (MPT, WIDD) and also its Space activities with a presentation of HEMERIA the new line of NEXEYA that is dedicated of the Nanosatellite products.

It was very important to address all this solutions for us in this space and aerospace environment. During the show, we met the head of the French MOD (Joel BARRE) and we also sign a representative contract with CHARCROFT ELECTRONICS to represent us in UK. Ian FORD the Director was proud to give us the contract during the show. Many thanks to them and welcome aboard ! We had also the chance to meet a lot of peoples as well as potential new businesses and now it is time to harvest the fruits of this interesting exhibition. I was accompanied by Laurent MARTIN and Pierre GIRON for the Business line TIS and Nicolas MULTAN for the Business line Space Systems. Many thanks for their participation.


Outstanding success for the 6th edition of the Toulouse Space Show !

TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW 2018 is a 3 days event that was held from 26th to 28th June 2018 at Toulouse, the French city of space and aerospace. The exhibition is located into the French space fishpond with company such as the CNES, CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites), AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE and THALES ALENIA SPACE. I don't need to show you how this show is important in term of credibility when you want take a place in markets such as spacecraft, launch vehicle and space as well as the related technologies and draws attendance from industry leaders, decision makers and engineers. During this event NEXEYA has showcases all his legacy space product line such as harnesses, structures, thermal protection and AIT. We also used this event to introduce our new product line name HEMERIA to the space community. This line is dedicated for our nanosatellite platforms. Now our work will be to do follow up with our representative of all this contacts in order to conclude sales.

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NEXEYA at ETTC 2018.

This year, the EUROPEAN TEST AND TELEMETRY CONFERENCE 2018 took place in Nuremberg in Germany and NEXEYA has showcase its last developments and solutions.

Telemetry technologies for aeronautical, space, automotive, biomedical application are both supported and challenged by innovative industrial developments like IoT, Big Data, Wireless System. Connectivity is the backbone of the modern society!

Adapting to and integrating these new technologies represent many challenges but offer new capabilities, which are mandatory for testing modern and future systems, including UAVs. During the show, NEXEYA has highlight its solutions for test center that start from the air tracking system to flight termination system with a modular and open solutions that fit into an existing system. For more details see the data sheet attached !



Tukom Route - September 24-25, 2018

September 24 - October 5, 2018
Russia / Belarus 

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Kallisté cartography

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ADS SHOW - September 2018
INNOTRANS - September 2018
EURONAVAL - October 2018
MRO Amsterdam - October 2018

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