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Newsletter #3 - October 2017

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“If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.” William JAMES. In our ever-evolving industry, change is inevitable, that's why we need all of your support to identify markets that show a new potential. we understand that you are an independent extension of us and a key component of our go forward strategy. Our intent is clearly to leverage what we have together accomplished so far and take the business to new heights. we will take great care at measuring the quality of our relationship and improve on our weak points. we have built over the years a very solid relationship with some of you and will continue to support on this relationship. First of all we strongly believe that we have to foster a healthy ecosystem where you and us find value. Accordingly, we have scheduled an assessment program of each of you in order to first, determine your blocking points as well as your needs and secondly, target the potential markets on your country. this evaluation will be deployed during the coming months. We have to keep in mind that it is not only a page that we want write and share with you but a complete story in order to shape the future of NEXEYA.

Enjoy reading and happy halloween ! 

StudioE - MPT Series Emulator

NEXEYA Introduces the StudioE - MPT Series Emulator which eliminates the need for MPT hardware during test script development, validation and verification.

  • StudioE is the hardware emulator for NEXEYA’s MPT, MPT 2 & CTX electrical interconnect test equipment family of products.
  • StudioE enables engineers, technicians and operators to develop, validate and verify test programs without the need to connect to actual test hardware.
  • Test Programs are deployed to the actual test hardware only when ready for production thus minimizing production interruptions and downtime.
  • Begin able to develop, validate and debug Test Programs outside the Test Equipment Environment saves time and money.
  • Note: the values generated by the emulator are not valid results, the results themselves are used to evaluate test program features, functionality, sequences output screens but not test performance.
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Portrait of the month: Carlo FLORIO

Born in Campobasso, living in Roma (from about 30 years). Married with Rosanna, two big kids (the daughter 24 years old: economics degree and now PHD in Microeconics science, and the son 22 years old: Mechanical Engineer student). Bsc Civil Engineer Studies at University Federico II of Naples, with experience in the infrastructure field with Hardware and Software solutions (CAD, CAM, CAE, FEM). I’m the Customers solution Manager, responsible to manage all the cycle of our solutions: from the first customer contact to the post-sale, coordinating all the resources needed for the project construction. CRISEL represents NEXEYA in Italy since 1998 for its telemetry solution as well as its space activity where we opened the sales counter this year.  


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Of the lasts months

24th MSPO, Polish defense industry exhibition.

NEXEYA has exhibit to the MSPO defense exhibition in Kielce, Poland, from September 5 to 8, 2017. This year this exhibition have federated 614 companies and representatives, from over 30 countries from all corners in the world. NEXEYA has featured its portfolio of products such as telemetry, test range, test benches, cable testers (MPT, WIDD) and also its displays and panels PC’s. It was very important to address our test solution such as Flight termination system, test benches to polish companies that need to acquire their independencies on their development regarding their past collaboration.

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NEXEYA has participate at the TUKOM route 2017 in Munich.

Once again, TUKOM has invite all its partners and customers located around the Munich area such as DLR, AIRBUS HELICOPTER & AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE for a meeting in order to do a last update product presentation. During this meeting, we did the presentation of our Flight termination system EXITIALIS and our SMART GLASSES that are doing the link with KALLISTE for telemetry application in order to our augmented reality solution. These two products have shown an interest of the participants. Beside this meeting the team has been invited with all the participant to share a moment at Oktoberfest, the beer fiesta.

QINETIQ has locked NEXEYA for its test center !

NEXEYA won a half million contract with QINETIQ, a British multinational defense company, for the delivery of two range telemetry processing Systems.
QINETIQ renews its confidence for the longevity and quality of our products and our ability to manage strategic projects. QINETIQ has entrusted this new project to NEXEYA after commissioning a first MAGALI system in the MOD Hebrides facility. With these new systems, our client is expanding test capabilities dedicated to PAAM'S missiles to the Hebrides (Scotland) and ASRAAM missiles in Aberporth (Wales). With more than 30 units already in operation, NEXEYA position is more than ever growing. Early this year, MBDA UK conduced successfully a first firing trials of ASRAAM with MAGALI telemetry systems. A big thank you to the team that led this project to the success !

EZX Calibration. Recall ! 

NEXEYA has updated the Calibration Tool utilized on the EZX Benchtop Tester. To have you CalTool re-certified return it to NEXEYA and you'll be able to once again certify the system to your quality standards.
For support please contact Support at
Note that third party Fixture Re-Certification is not endorsed or supported by Nexeya.

AIRBUS celebrates ‘best in class’ supplier performance.

NEXEYA, represented by Julien BOUZINAC and Marc FAJARDO, has participated to the AIRBUS Global Supplier conference in Tianjin, on the 20th September. For this event, AIRBUS has invite its top performing suppliers and awards some of its best partners. They were three awards categories :
• Industrial Performance for delivering the highest level of quality, on time and on cost,
• Innovation for providing innovative & pragmatic solutions,
• Customer Support beyond the customers’ expectations.
Top Industrial Performance awards went to SAFRAN ELECTRICAL & POWER, CHEMETALL, AVIC and AMOVA for their exceptional delivery performance supporting the AIRBUS production ramp-up. The Customer Support award was attributed to ROCKWELL COLLINS who received the best rated score by the airlines for consistent customer oriented service. AIRBUS acknowledges its suppliers’ contribution throughout the year and this prestigious occasion recognizes the top awardees, endorsed by the AIRBUS Executive Committee.
AIRBUS works with over 12 000 partners and suppliers across the globe with a sourcing volume of some 50B€ worldwide during this event AIRBUS has host 400 peoples within 90 AIRBUS members including the COO, Tom WILLIAMS author of an excellent speech where it was explained the AIRBUS ZERO AOG objective. The entire AIRBUS procurement was also there to meet their partners it was a good opportunities to generate links with our contacts. In the margins of this conference, the team got the chance to visit the A320 Final Assembly Line. AIRBUS CHINA has move from an initial production rate of 3 aircraft per months to 4 aircraft per months after the notification for new orders from Chinese airlines and the launch of the Completion center of the AIRBUS A330. To close this instructive event, AIRBUS has organized a ceremony for the delivery of the first A330 finish in CHINA

A NEXEYA CANADA success Story in Israel

NEXEYA CANADA has won a :
Standard MPT 100 tester with Keithley K2400 SMU
Standard MUX-150ZIF Switching
Customer Interface Harnesses and Test Programming

A Winning Solution : 
NEXEYA won this order over the competition because of our experience and expertise in the Aviation Transorb market. TRANSORB SYSTEMS sold to LUFTHANSA and HONEYWELL have set the standard for what NEXEYA offers. The combination of a solid tester with our interfaces and programming services makes us an industry leader. The benefit: The NEXEYA solution is essentially an “off the shelf” product which provides customers with a great sense of security as competitors offer custom systems which are often fraught with risks. With NEXEYA the customer knows exactly what they are receiving. What we demo is what we deliver. The only custom part is the connection between our switching and the customers product. This greatly reduces the customers risk. An added benefit to the customer for this project was the excellent local support provided by our partner Dov at EMDO.

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NEXEYA will participate in SPACE TECH EXPO

NEXEYA will be in SPACE Tech Expo from October 24 to 26, invited to participate by his German representative TUKOM (
Space Tech expo is Europe's meeting place for space business, technology & innovation. The three-day trade fair will showcase the latest from technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and components through the systems integrators for civil, military and commercial space. Prestigious European space companies such as ESA, CNES, DLR, ARIANE GROUP, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE will expose their latest technologies. NEXEYA will feature its space harnesses, composite structure and Active and Passive thermal Control as well as its EGSE activities. NEXEYA will promote its small SAT name ANGELS in co-develop with the CNES.

Download Space Leaflet
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NEXEYA will participate at the PACIFIC 2017

NEXEYA will participate at the PACIFIC 2017, the biennial Pacific International Maritime Exposition, who will be held in Sydney from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 October 2017. As the only comprehensive international exhibition of its kind in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, PACIFIC 2017 will again provide the essential showcase for commercial maritime and naval defence industries to promote their capabilities to decision-makers from around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact Julien BOUZINAC if you want meet him during this event.

The PDL of TECHSAT : Data loading simple and secure

Portable data loaders, ‘Secure PDLs’ and the Gardt Technology from TechSAT are certified to comply with the software security requirements defined by Airbus. They give operators the guarantee that field loadable software can be loaded on aircraft equipment (either in the shop or aboard the aircraft) with no security risk for the integrity of the data being loaded or the A/C domains.

Besides this, TechSAT supplies a complete family of innovative ground-support equipment (GSE) data loaders for all avionic maintenance requirements. Solutions are available supporting all avionic industry data loading protocols, ARINC 615, 615A, 826 and 844. TechSAT has a solution for every data loading need for next-generation aircraft as well, including 615A over AFDX/A664, A825 over A615A, and A615 over AFDX/A664. TechSAT’s solutions suit all aircraft maintenance environments: flightline, hanger, avionics repair shop, as well as...

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October 9th-13th




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Combat Management Systems and LYNCEA
MPT Emulator



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MRO EUROPE - October 3rd, 2017 - London
Booth 1409

PACIFIC 2017 - October 3rd, 2017 - Sydney

ITC - October 23rd, 2017 - Las Vegas
Booth 2235


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