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Newsletter #13 - October 2018

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NEXEYA won a nearly 1M€ contract with AERONAUTICAL DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT (ADE) in India. ADE is in charge of Research & Development for Indian government in the field of military aviation and more specifically UAV development. This success is a renewal of the telemetry installation that was set up in 2007 by NEXEYA (formerly ADAS at that time). With this new order, ADE agency confirmed again its confidence on the NEXEYA telemetry products. The site of ADE will be completely renew with up to date equipment.

Full delivery is planned early next year with on-site installation and training. Today, we can said that ADE is a key user of Magali Telemetry solutions in India for more than 10 years with continued participation on products promotion and evolution. Our solution are proposed in the datasheet that are attached below.



NEXEYA, with its subsidiary PMTL, is launching an innovative ergonomic mechanical solution to ease accesses to the outer parts of an aircraft engine and its nacelle over the production phase as well as maintenance operation.
The main assets are that the mechanism bring comfort and protection of its users. This mechanism name ELLIPTIC by its shape is easy to handle during its positioning with a fast and secure setting as well as a perfect adaptation of the engine curve. This mechanism bring operator safety and comfort with a full working autonomy. Because of its shape the Mechanism ensures that the mechanic is always in the proper position relative to the work area. Overextending and off balance work is a thing of the past ! The markets for this product are engine and aircraft manufacturer as well as the maintenance operation. Don’t hesitate to contact your country manufacturer and operators of maintenance such as airline or MRO to propose this new tool. 



This month’s we will discovering our friend from Wales, the CHARCROFT company, and its Director Ian FORD. Ian FORD has been in the electronics component industry for over 30 years; initially joining a small franchised distributor, then "graduating" into the role of Group Operations Director at EURODIS before switching into Sales and Marketing. From there, he moved to first AVX and then TT electronics. It was within TT electronics that he started working with CHARCROFT ELECTRONICS. Since those early days in 2001, Charcroft’s sales of TT Electronics products have grown from less than £50k p/a to now nearly £2 million p/a. In the summer of 2010, Ian joined CHARCROFT as Purchasing Manager, then in 2015 became a Director and shareholder. Although the aims and customer pressures are the same, one of the most enjoyable aspects of business life at Charcroft is the speed and ease of decision making. Ian has also found that along with the ambiance and clear air of the mid-wales countryside this leads to a much greater quality of life. Outside of business life, his spare time is divided between working for WALES AIR AMBULANCE as a volunteer fund raiser, walking his dogs (usually around 5 miles per day) and playing golf, where he conclude that he needs to improve a little his game to tackle player such as Tiger WOODS…


Let me introduce you this month, one of our more active member in the TIGER TEAM After studying science, she did a doctorate in the field of living technologies. She worked for a few years as a researcher in Barcelona on a Framework Program for European Research and Development. Her research was focused on the use of plants as a means of producing new drugs on a large scale. She saw all her efforts materialized by the filing of a patent and the creation of a start-up based on what she do. Back in France, she worked for a while on a contract with the CNRS of Perpignan in south of France. She was involved in innovative projects in applied biotechnology. This period of research has been very formative and very rewarding. At 38, she joined NEXEYA, specifically the Montescot site serving the MAGALI product : She first worked on the development of NEXEYA's R&D activities and then as a quality manager for the site. She gradually evolved into communication and marketing. Today, she is involved in the TIGER TEAM. She bring to the team her expertise and taste for investigation to look for new opportunities. She also help promote our products by working closely with the company's communications team. She has supporting sales by providing to the sales people with the most complete information possible about our solutions as well as the market in order to help their prospection. In the same time, she manages also her private life and arrive to spend time with her husband and her two boys. Many thanks to her for his dedication !

of the last months


NEXEYA delivers the first BSPO production bench (System Offset Production Bench) for the SPECTRA system in THALES. SPECTRA, for the Rafale Fire Protection and Avoidance System (Rafale Fire Line Protection and Avoiding System), is a countermeasure system developed by THALES and MBDA to equip and protect the French combat aircraft DASSAULT Rafale, built around the SPECTRA electronic warfare sensor. The elements constituting the SPECTRA sensor are integrated in the cell of the device, which frees all external points of transport for the armament, the fuel or the platform of recognition, and to be always available whatever the profile of the planned mission. The system offers with a high degree of automation the functions of electromagnetic detection and jamming (radar); Infrared (missile) detection; laser detection (missile); electromagnetic and infrared lure. It can also play an electronic intelligence role by detecting, classifying and analyzing the different transmitters and all their characteristics. THALES began by equipping its factories in the south of Paris (Elancourt) with two NEXEYA development benches and then has completed its installation in September for the India program of the RAFALE. This very complex bench is the culmination of almost a year and a half of work done both our factory of Brest located in east of France and Massy in the south of Paris. With this new business, NEXEYA has reinforced its image of manufacturer of test benches in THALES GROUP as well as showing its capability to developing test benches whatever the complexities in all kind of application. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have subject with your customers, our specialists will be pleased to answer you.


NEXEYA has made a road trip in Russia and met several company with the participation of our local partners such as DC-BAR where we met company STAR UEC a manufacturer of FADEC that was interested by our solutions in test and validation. We went also in KAZAN where we promote our cable testing solutions such as the WIDD that was really appreciated as a trouble shooting solutions. The road trip will continue to promote our other solutions to company such as SUKHOI, IRKUT as well as RZD the local owner of the railway network. During this trip, customers show a strong interest in NEXEYA solutions.


NEXEYA will supply the nanosatellites of the KINÉIS constellation developed by CLS. With THALES ALENIA SPACE and SYRLINK, NEXEYA will supply the 20 nanosatellites of the KINÉIS constellation dedicated to the IOT (internet of things), which will be in orbit by 2021. NEXEYA will manufacture the Nanosatellites platform in his Toulouse premise in south of France.
This constellation developed by CLS with CNES is explained in the evolution of the ARGOS location and data collection system. More efficient, easier and affordable, the unique and universal connectivity offered by KINÉIS will soon be widely available to the general public (outdoor leisure activities, boating, etc.) and the private sector (logistics, fishing, agriculture, etc.). KINÉIS plans to connect several million objects around the globe.
« We are honored to have been selected along with THALES ALENIA SPACE to provide the future satellites for this brand new connectivity. This is a decisive step for the commercial development of our HEMERIA© product line. NEXEYA is a major player in providing reliable, costeffective nanosatellites solutions. » said Philippe GAUTIER.  

Press Release


NEXEYA would like to know the local exhibition that you plan to do in order to propose you to participate ! In counterpart, we can propose resources and supports for your local exhibitions by providing resources such as posters manufacturing, supplying and designing brochures as well as supplying goodies. Please communicate your list at this link :


NEXEYA has exhibit to INNOTRANS 2018 in Berlin. This year this exhibition have federate more than 2,955 exhibitors from 60 countries. INNOTRANS is the industry’s leading international trade fair for railway with 137,391 trade visitors from 119 countries filled the 41 exhibition halls and the exterior of the show. In this exhibition, NEXEYA has featured its portfolio of products such as power converter, test benches and cable testers (MPT, WIDD). It was very important to address our cable testing solution as well as power conversion solutions such as MPT, WIDD, reading light and USB power to railway manufacturing companies to show our evolution in two years in this field of activities. It has been a great success and a lot of contacts has been taken, now it's the the time of the follow up. Attached is the MPT brochure and power conversion to help you to address as well your customers in your territories.

Datasheet NEXEYA PC Railway Datasheet EZX Datasheet CVS USB 20W Datasheet MPT Datasheet WiDD



Like always, TUKOM has invite in Munich area all its partners for a meeting with their customers such as DLR, AIRBUS HELICOPTER & AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, in order to show last products development. During this meeting, NEXEYA did the presentation of on board Acquisition Product line. These products have shown an interest of the participants. Beside this meeting, the team has been invited with all the participants to share a moment at Oktoberfest, the beer fiesta !


England // 15 - 19 October 2018
Sweden  // 12 - 16 Nov. 2018

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Wiring Defect Detection

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MRO Amsterdam - October 2018  
EURONAVAL - October 2018

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