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Newsletter #4 - November 2017

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« Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful » - Albert SCHWEITZER
NEXEYA operates to a very simple formula: the strength of the channel equals the health of NEXEYA. We are excited about the new business opportunities ahead and are committed to our mutually prosperous partnership.
Your success is vital to the success of NEXEYA. We’re focused on providing you with innovative products and solutions; We want to accelerate your growth and ensure that we build a great, long lasting relationship. NEXEYA is constantly evolving to take advantage of market changes and partner ecosystem needs. We develop new business opportunities while continuing to drive our business in our core competencies which are defense, railway, aerospace & space.
Together, we’ll enable success, amaze our joint customers with innovative experiences, and set the stage for a profitable future. Thank you for your role in NEXEYA’s success, and for your commitment to winning together.

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PC Panel breaks the screen at LEONARDO

OTO MELARA, a subsidiary of LEONARDO has confirmed this months through a new order received from our representative CRISEL in Italy, his interest for the NEXEYA Panel PC 15''.
The Multifunction touch Panel PC chosen from the customer for the full qualification and is used to load the additional kit on the existing frigate upgraded with new ammunitions : Vulcano / Dart / Davide / Mistral smart ammunitions either with new proximity fuses. Moreover, the customer use it to give to users nine additional functions on the new Human Control Interface in the Control Room of the Frigates.

Motion control solutions for robotic applications

Specialized in smart & accurate motion control solutions, NEXEYA’s Business Line dedicated to Power Conversion has finished to design and manufacture an electronic card to control the two drive wheels of a new generation of robots. The motion control card, developed for telepresence robots, fulfils the customer’s requirements combining mobility and monitoring. The card receives information from numerous sensors but also instructions from the customer in order to control the robot’s position and orientation. The solution drives 2 brushless motors for the 2 drive wheels. The two motors have to be controlled accurately in order to orientate the two wheels together. In addition, the solution manages the position of the robot, controls the speed, detects obstacles and controls the wheels whatever the nature of the ground and the disparities encountered.

Lingampally RAMBABU

Mr Lingampally RAMBABU has succeed in both his personnel live with a beautiful family that is constituted of a wife and 2 daughters and as founder and Managing Director, of COMINT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED (CSSPL), is one of the long-standing partner of NEXEYA in INDIA, 13 years now. He is a first-generation technocrat with vast practical working experience and customer domain knowledge. He has created COMINT in 2004 with a vision to provide customer friendly, Niche technology products for Defence electronics’, Space Industry, Network security, IT & Telecom and customized Research & Development. His vision has guided the accelerated growth of COMINT and has been instrumental in positioning NEXEYA products and solutions in Indian market since inception and NEXEYA Test & Integration Business Line has recently bagged biggest contract ever of 1 M€ from Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) DRDO India.

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Laurent MARTIN.
22 years of experiences at NEXEYA, Laurent is based at our Nantes premise and is acting as a sale engineer at the Business line TIS. In June he had new role and took the responsibility on all the defense sector. His goal is promoting all the BL TIS on the defense sector in FRANCE as well as abroad through our representatives. Laurent is developing in particular the activities such as rugged screens, data acquisition system, flight termination system, the WIDD as well as the solutions of benches testing and cabling for companies such as Thales, MBDA, VITROCISET, QINETIQ, MEASKO, PIT RADVAR, OTTOMELARA and ROKETSAN.
Laurent start to work with our representatives 5 years ago to manage projects related to our agreements with companies like Thales on countries such as Poland, India, UK. But he had a chance to intensified his collaboration with representatives 2 years on Europe when we have started our deployment at the international. To finish, he has not forsake his personal and community life because he is married and he has two teenagers. A first one 17-year-old (boy) and a 12-year-old (daughter) and he is participating in the municipal council of his village. We whish to laurent to succed in the development of his businesses with all the NEXEYA representatives !

of the lasts months

NEXEYA win the jackpot on the Satellite PLEIADE

NEXEYA Space Systems has been selected for the harnesses of the AIRBUS satellite PLEIADE NG. In this project, NEXEYA has already have win this year the composite structure of the satellite as well as the AIT (Assembly, Integration and the test), the last part that was missing was the Harnesses that are the most important part on the project regarding the turnover. The story has start when AIRBUS has decided to "realize the post-Pleiades on own funds", with resolution capabilities that will go "beyond" from 25 to 30 centimeters. AIRBUS is investing around 600 million euros to develop a new generation of observation satellites as part of its VHR 2020 program to ensure the continuity of Spot Image (around 400 jobs in Toulouse). AIRBUS has made the decision to manufacture by 2020 three new observation satellites developed in France, to stay in the race. The decision was taken to remain as competitive as their competitor in the field. This AIRBUS decision has broken an agreement between THALES ALENIA SPACE and the CNES.

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How NEXEYA Morocco office contribute to an NEXEYA CANADA success !

CABLIANCE FES (Morocco) has order an MPT product because of an increase of workload of his production. This increase come from ASLTOM group the CABLIANCE customer that face to new railway market success. We signed the selection contract in August and the delivery is scheduled this November. CABLIANCE already use MPT product as well as competitors equipment but the main selection key driver was closeness of NEXEYA Morocco office to the customer.
The main interest from the customer was to be supported by a local team for cost and time saving purpose. It is clearly a reference from a major local player that will help NEXEYA MAROC to sign with other prospects such as CASATRAM, ONCF, ATI, ROYAL-AIR-MAROC, … for new customers as well as LABINAL, MATIS, EOLANE, … for existing customers that are looking for a local support as well. Also, note Maroccan Aerospace market is growing fast by the arrival of company such as SAFRAN group, AIRBUS but also with BOEING who will take-off the local aerospace industries since they have signed an agreement to used Marocan subcontractors for their new developments.
The Moroccan aeronautical sector should grow of 17% by 2020 (among which 70% are SME).

French MOD has contract NEXEYA to refurbishing its trajectography platforms.

Based on our Know-how, NEXEYA has been selected to refurbish the hardware & software of trajectography platforms for the French MOD. French MOD has a site (Saint-Mandrier close to the French Riviera) dedicated to its cutting-edge experimentation for Naval Air Defense systems. In this area, the French MOD is preparing the Navy ship of the future. In this site, real-time measurement, tests for ground and sea operations are carried out in order to improve the technical performance of naval platforms for the French Navy. in beginning of 2016, NEXEYA won a renovation contract from the Technical naval team of the French MOD thanks to a competitive and scalable technical solution. this story has started from a tender from MOD on this site as part of the renewal of the maintenance of a geo- localization system of naval platforms at sea. This tender included the maintenance in operational conditions, the complete systems retrofit of the DGPS & radio modems to free the DGA from the satellite-made correction, in order to use the correction of their own reference stations and the software upgrade to achieve the accurate calculation of the positioning of the ships.

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MRO London a launching pad for the WIDD

MRO Europe Conference & Exhibition is a 3 days event was held from 3rd October to 5th October 2017 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London. The organization has reported a record breaking event when it returned to ExCeL London in term of attendees. the exhibition and conference saw a 17 per cent increase in visitors, compared to 2016, visiting from more than 90 countries. MRO Europe is the premier event in this region for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, it also provides a world class venue for all those involved in the MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge.

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Harvest of Meetings during Space Tech Expo 2017

SPACE TECH EXPO is a 3 days event was held from 24th October to 26th October 2017 at the Bremen a center of space excellence. This year NEXEYA was invited by our representative TUKOM to share their booth. The exhibition is Europe's premier B2B Space engineering event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space related technologies and draws attendance from thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil, military and commercial During this event NEXEYA has showcases all his space product line such as harnesses, structures, thermal protection and AIT. We have had also participate on the BtoB cession. NEXEYA has participate to almost 25 BtoB with company such as RUAG, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE Germany, SABCA, OHB, FAKEL, RESHETNEV, THALES,…. Now our work will be to do follow up with our representative of all this contacts in order to conclude sales.

NEXEYA renewed its ISO certificate.

Many thanks for the NEXEYA quality team that successfully renewed its ISO 9001 and also EN 9100 quality certificate. ISO 9001 certificate is an international standard for the Quality Management System. This standard is a reference whatever the field of activity of the companies. Today, more than one million companies and organizations in more than 170 countries apply ISO 9001. EN 9100 is a European quality standard for the aeronautics, space and defense industries. This certification is also valid for its American equivalents (AS 9100) and Asian (JISQ 9100). It is a major point to address customers that are looking for excellence !


November 14 – 16 Romanian Shipyard


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MPT Emulator

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