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Newsletter #14 - November 2018

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“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” John F. KENNEDY

NEXEYA regularly breaks conformity by offering products and solutions to its channel. This month, I sent you datasheets of 3 new products or solutions with some explanations such as market targeted in your country as well some customers names. I hope that it will help you in order to proposed NEXEYA products in your countries. Noted that if I asked someone per representatives to select one action for one of this NEXEYA products it is because I have clearly identified potential on your countries. Therefore you just need to contact your customer to promote this new products lines. Feel free to contact us for any kind of support such as technical details as well as product demonstration or customer visit. We are here to help you to grow your turnover with us.



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NEXEYA receives this month an order for 2 mobile Telemetry Ground Stations from MBDA UK. NEXEYA has been a long time supplier of MBDA UK since more than 20 years. A real partnership has been developed with MBDA UK and the Mobile TM stations provided to them is over 30 units during these 10 last years. These 2 Telemetry stations will be used for the Storm Shadow Missile Program which is a British, French and Italian low-observable air-launched cruise missile, manufactured by MBDA. Storm Shadow is the British name for the weapon because in France it is called SCALP EG. The missile is based on the earlier MBDA Apache anti-runway missile, and differs in that it carries a warhead, rather than sub munitions. The missile has a range of approximately 560 km and is powered by a turbojet at Mach 0.8. This missile can be carried by the RAF Tornado GR4, Italian Tornado IDS, Saab Gripen, Dassault Mirage 2000 and Dassault Rafale aircraft. Storm Shadow was integrated with the Eurofighter Typhoon as part of the Phase 2 Enhancement (P2E) in 2015, but it will not be fitted to the F-35 Lightning II once that aircraft comes into service.

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Best Source Selection (BSS) techniques for telemetry applications, have been around for well over 25 years in one form or another and become a major topic at many modern telemetry ranges and ground stations around the world. The BSS function has evolved into an extremely powerful tool for the real-time and post flight recovery of telemetry data. NEXEYA is introducing a new solution of BSS that is software oriented the MAG-BSS. In few words, Telemetry Ground Station over a range are all connected through Ethernet. Telemetry data can be dispatched from that layer to the Main Control Room. Nevertheless, Ethernet Protocols are so open that the data transmitted can be heterogeneous (Throughput Ch 10, Unpacked /Packed Synchronized data, PCM over Ethernet…). The architecture proposed by MAG-BSS is based on a three layers software (Proprietary layer, Software Frame sync, BSS) to manage the BSS with these heterogeneous Ethernet sources. On the link below it is described Two practical cases to explain its functionality. To finish, MAG-BSS is compatible with several telemetry signals, It analyses the quality of each stream in real time and extracts the best of each. Decision is made on baseband signal characteristics and on telemetry data frame contents. The quality factors used for the treatment are user customizable and the number of sources is infinite. Best source selection is also available on recorded data. This product will be showcased during the next ITC exhibition in Arizona.

Datasheet Datasheet MAG BSS


We are this month with Luis LIBRETTI from the company AVIATION CENTER who is one of our representative for Brazil since almost 4 years. Backed by 18 years’ experience in the brazilian aerospace industry, Luis has created AVIATION CENTER in 1994 along with 2 partners: Marcus PEIXOTO (Electronic Engineer) and Luiz AMARANTE (Marketing). An electronic engineer himself, Luis started his professional carrier in the avionics technical area. Contracted as a trainee before graduation, Luis went from technical to general management. He built strong commercial relationships within the Brazilian aerospace industries, and met his current partners along the journey. AVIATION CENTER has been dedicated to avionic services & sales and also commercial representation, this latter activity being the one Luis has been mostly taking cares. Working with NEXEYA for about four years, Luis keeps chasing and working opportunities for NEXEYA products within the local aerospace industries potential customers, such as the Brazilian Air Force, Navy and Embraer to name a few. One of his mission today is to help the TIGER TEAM to explore locally the potentials customers that can be interested by our new products such as SHINYN and ELLIPTIC as well as the WIDD. Many thanks to Luis !

Guilhem BOIVIN

This month we are with Guilhem BOIVIN. Born in French Brittany, he currently works in NEXEYA as Business Development and Sales in Russia & CIS countries. After a Classe Preparatoire in Nantes, he was admitted to Sciences Po Bordeaux and spent two years studying in the Russian University of People’s Friendship. He has been graduated with a double French-Russian Master degree in International Relations with a specialization in economies and law from former soviet countries. After an internship in the diplomacy in Kazakhstan, Guilhem worked to years in the CNES Russian office, in charge of pushing the scientific and institutional French-Russian cooperation in space and supporting the French companies working on the Russian market or wishing to find business opportunities in Russia. Guilhem met with NEXEYA’s team at the exhibition MAKS 2017 aeronautic forum near Moscow, while he was still working for the CNES. Guilhem introduced NEXEYA’s team to the Russian manufacturers of NanoSatellites and MicroSatellites in order to find another mission after ANGELS. Following that event, Guilhem kept the contact with NEXEYA and joined the company after the end of his contract with the CNES. Since February 2018, Guilhem is working in NEXYEA Moscow office, prospecting for potential new clients and partners in the different fields covered by the company. Guilhem’s main hobbies are martial arts (he got the black belt in Judo when he was 16), cross-cycling, swimming in the ocean (as each Briton likes) and hiking in the Mountains. Note that Guilhem is active member of the Tiger team and he set up a lot of meeting with customers in Russia as well CIS countries with a good potentials for our cable tester (WiDD).

WiDD Datasheet

of the last months


MRO Europe Conference & Exhibition is a 3 days event was held from October 16th to October 18th 2018 at the RAI Amsterdam. The organization has reported that the MRO Europe attracted record crowds at RAI Amsterdam with more than 9,000 registered attendees representing 105 countries, including 447 exhibitors and more than 800 airlines. This is the largest gathering of the aviation maintenance community in Europe which featured new opportunities to network and showcase the many offerings presented by hundreds of exhibitors. During the exhibition, NEXEYA has showcase the two new versions of WIDD ( WIDD10 & WIDD20) used to detect intermittent defaults with its 16 lines of detection, it is now the most competitive and useful tool in the market that still offer a lot of possibilities. This two new versions are proposed with an attractive unit price witch is a great advantage for people that are face to recurrent cable issues. NEXEYA has also introduce its two new products which are SHINYIN and ELLIPTIC. This two equipments are also dedicated for MRO or Final assembly lines that want secure their environments as well as and improve their costs. I have attached the brochure because we have also launch a promotion campaign where you were solicited to look in your country for MRO and FAL manufacturer. Don't hesitate to come back to us in order to book customer demonstration !



The numbers speak for themselves, EURONAVAL is the main European exhibition dedicated for the naval. Its around 470 exhibitors from 33 countries with 60% of foreign exhibitors and 23,250 professionals visits, 20 Chiefs of Defense staff for the Navy, 5 ministers and deputy ministers of defense and 322 accredited journalists. NEXEYA has showcase products such as its tactical table name MT3 as well as announce new version of its CMS name LYNCEA that will be now compatible with the L-22 Tactical Data Link (LDT). The L-22 offers new features, including C2 capability and interoperability between Allied Marines. All of our products have received an excellent welcome from our customers and we get the chance to have a lot of foreign delegations that came to visit us such as Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco ...As well,the Minister of State of Ivory Coast Mr Bakayoko, very interested by our CMS LYNCEA and the touch table. Another product highlighted during the exhibition was the Nanosatellites. UNSEENLABS a startup based in French Brittany confirms the interest of several customers for their products during the show. This startup plans to deploy a constellation of nanosatellites embarking a revolutionary antenna that will allow the identification and location of non-cooperative vessels. NEXEYA, as a specialist in Nanosatellites and maritime surveillance, brings its technical expertise to UNSEENLABS and facilitates their access to the market.

LYNCEA Datasheet MT3 Datasheet


Our Chinese partner JAMRON, has organize one full day of symposium in their office with customers in order to showcase and promote the WIDD. During the meeting, Christophe GINESTET our Head of Test & Integration Solutions for Aerospace Business, presented all the capabilities of this tool. WIDD is the unique solution for troubleshooting and also to solve no fault found problems, whether for Product Assurance during new product development and manufacture; for technical and safety investigations; and for through-life Prognostic & Health Management of critical systems. It's the equivalent of the Swiss knife of the electric test. With the WIDD, you can test cable harnesses as well as installed wiringwiring system, including cables databus such as MIL-1553 ARINC 429, 664, CAN, data and power on aircraft, trains, ships, infrastructures and everything where there is an issues.  



Once again, NEXEYA participated at the International Telemetry conferences in the city of Glendale on Arizona. This is the flagship event of Telemetry in the world. For this niche sector activity, this show is a real opportunity to meet once a year our customers but also our suppliers, our partners, our representatives and our competitors. The main theme of the event was "Reliable and secure data, links and network". NEXEYA presented its solutions for flight test centers such as telemetry systems MAGALI, KALLISTE, SACHA and LISA, with a focus on our best source selection solution that allows to combine the telemetry signals of several antennas in order to limit maximum data loss. We also had a chance to present this solution at the conference in side of the meeting within an illustration that demonstrate the architecture of this solution on our booth. We were able to showcase our flight test mapping and tracking solutions around a MAGALI telemetry front end and several KALLISTE real-time data visualization stations. We thank all our representatives who took the time to visit us.

Datasheet MAGALI Datasheet KALLISTE


Pakistan / MILS / 22-27 Nov 2018
United Kingdom / CHARCROFT / 26-28 Nov 2018

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SATELLITE 2019 / 6-9 March 2019
LE BOURGET / 17-23 June 2019

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