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Newsletter #5 - December 2017 & January 2018

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« I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein.
The last Edito of the year will be with an Albert Einstein quote. During this last month’s our goals were to create a partner ecosystem that enables partners to participate and share their experiences as well as successes through a newsletter in order to help all of you to understand our offer. As Albert Einstein say, you need to be passionately curious ! it start with discovery of each other... and we definitely have changing the way partners learn about NEXEYA products and our solutions with this newsletter. Investing time in new product development and expanding your product catalog are the most difficult things to do in hard times and also among the most important thing to do but it is a necessary good for most of you if you want extend your sales ! The way reps and partners learn about NEXEYA products and solutions is changing. With all the new seamless digital tools, processes and experiences in place reps and partners are in a seamless position to reinvent how they earn and win deals ! develop our key sales competencies by utilizing digital platforms such as webinar or social networks to enhance sales productivity & accelerate our sales models are also part of our goals. we are convince also that with the right training and plan in place reps and partners should be in a better position to drive sales. It starts with better learning… This is why I propose you to contact me in order to give me your needs in term of training. On this Newsletter, I added a frame called “my personal teaching needs” to have your proposal of products teaching. In meantime, to enable you to discover potential new customers, NEXEYA propose you through a webinar session to discover a tools that help to research customers contacts name whatever is your market ! I hope that a lot of you will register to this webinar session.

Thank you for being part of our beautiful Team Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to you and your family!

Boarding pass to Mars !

NEXEYA CONSEIL ET FORMATION (CF), a subsidiary of NEXEYA, is an active company in the field of consulting for all space sectors. After the delivery of the French contribution for the Insight Mission@Nasa, we’ve our boarding pass to Mars !. Among others, we work for the Mars 2020 rover mission - a part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program - a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. The Mars 2020 mission addresses high-priority science goals for Mars exploration, including key questions about the potential for life on Mars. The “SuperCam” French Instrument examines rocks and soils with a camera, laser and spectrometers to seek for organic compounds that could be related to past life on Mars. It can identify the chemical and mineral makeup of targets as small as a pencil point from a distance of more than 20 feet (7 meters).

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NEXEYA light your seat !


NEXEYA has developed an e-reader “Reading light assembly” integrated in the headrest of the seat for the BOMBARDIER regional trains programs.
A Win-Win project to consolidate a long-term collaboration between BOMBARDIER and NEXEYA.
NEXEYA has globalized two offers to proposed a package which is composed of the power supply and the reading light. NEXEYA enjoys a lot of credit from its power converters and especially its reliability. This is why BOMBARDIER has consult NEXEYA on the whole project namely the supply of power converters but also the supply of e-readers. During this project, we were face to several constraint such as technical and as well as the lead time but NEXEYA has arrived to put in place a constructive dialog with his customer, the technical interlocutors as well as the purchaser that have helped to manage all the challenges where we were confront. This is thanks to the involvement of all, technical as well as commercial teams, that the case was won.
Moreover, this business has also showed the NEXEYA capability to propose solutions adapted to the customer needs in term of determination to convince customers in innovative solutions as well as in time constraint environment. It should consolidate a long term collaboration between our two companies. 


Jürgen KALLUP from TUKOM is our German representative. He is born in Munich and living at the beautiful Lake Ammersee close to Munich, Jürgen has five kids from 5 to 25 years and loves his patchwork family. Jürgen has a Diploma as Engineer of Applied Physics from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He was working on recovery systems for sounding rockets and as software developer in the area of telemetry processors for satellites. Jürgen has been working in the sales of complex technical hard- and software systems for more than twenty years and for 11 years as founder, general manager and major shareholder of TUKOM GmbH. TUKOM is focusing on telemetry and communications solutions in the aerospace and defense industry and since 2010 works successfully with NEXEYA on telemetry and cable testing solutions.  

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Since 2011 Marc FAJARDO heads NEXEYA FRANCE premises in Montescot along with the Sales Management of TIS business line. It all began 24 years ago when Marc took over the project management of the company HTS, a technical experience of 10 years which gradually makes him evolve towards sales activities where the control of technical issues is a major asset. The main goal was to develop a network of customers and partnerships around the world: China, India, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Turkey, UAE .. Today, with the development of NEXEYA activities and the reinforcement of teams gathering a large number of skills, Marc’s challenge is to present a complete offer in France and abroad to this assembled network of customers for the markets of Defense, Aeronautics, Industry, Transport and Space with flag products dedicated to flight test, integration & validation test benches, Energy storage, Harness testing… His experience fits ideally with the 2020 ambition plan: more products, speed up international footprint.
Faithful in friendship, loving life, married with 3 children and 2 grandsons, Marc also supports the local rugby team, illustration of a deep attachment to his native region.

of the lasts months

NEXEYA equips the Naval School of Equatorial Guinea.

As part of our LYNCEA TRAINING offering, NEXEYA has just installed a comprehensive navigation simulator at the Naval School of Equatorial Guinea. During roll-out of this project, NEXEYA was honored to receive Equatorial Guinea’s Minister for National Defense, Mr Juvenal MBOMIO NSUE. He was accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Navy and other senior military figures, and this ministerial visit allowed us to demonstrate the potential of this new facility at the Naval School in Tica. It also gave the visitors the opportunity to learn about the next-generation navigation simulator, which will be used to train students at the college. This project forms part of an ambitious program at the Regional Naval School [École Navale à Vocation Régionale (ENVR)], run by the Agency for Security Cooperation and Defense [Direction de la Coopération de Sécurité et de Défense (DCSD)], which provides training to almost a hundred students from approximately twenty African nations each year. The simulator was fully accepted by the client on 20 October last year, and personnel are now undergoing the training that will allow them to master the extended functionalities of the system.

Wolf pack strategy for a Romanian tenders!

Romania has expressed an interest in renovating its warship fleet. Romania looks to acquire 4 corvettes and to modernize 2 frigates. NAVAL GROUP (formerly DCNS) has asked to its partners to come and participate with them to a seminar in Bucharest. The objective of this seminar was to reinforce the presence of French industrialists in Romania and to create business and cooperation opportunities between the two countries' manufacturers in the naval field, in support of the corvettes prospect, the modernization of the frigates and the MCO. At Bucharest, NEXEYA has participated in a BtoB session and met partners and should conclude some cooperation with some of them but the wolf pack sales strategy usually help our major customers to enter in business with less constraints because this constrains are share with their partners. We went also to Constanta to participate to a BtoB session with local actors to finish by a visit of SNC the local shipyard (see picture of the group). The Romanian tender should officially be open in end of February 2018. we will also has selected our partner and will be ready to participate at the tender !

The event was supported by the local TV below the link with B1TV :

NEXEYA, a new star Shines in the French space sky !

The third edition of the CEFIC Space Working Group - the French-Russian Economic, Financial and Commercial Council - held in Toulouse on 24 November. This meeting held in anticipation of CEFIC at the level of the Ministers of the French economy and Russian economic development, MM Bruno Le Maire and Maxim Orechkine, which will met in Moscow on December 19th. In addition and on the initiative of CNES, a day of meetings and industrial visits were organized on November 23 with the support of GIFAS. Several topics has been highlighted on this occasion: the integration of data in altimetry for the climate services, new solutions in navigation and data collection, knowledge and taking into account of the space environment, etc ... 

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A valuable interest of NEXEYA products at ITC Las Vegas.


ITC is the first annual forum and technical exhibition providing telemetry specific short courses, technical papers from professionals and students and exhibits of the industry's leading companies.
ITC takes pride in addressing the wide range of topics important to the telemetry professional. The exhibit areas showcase the latest systems, and technical sessions lay the groundwork for tomorrow's systems. Numerous short courses are available to help practicing professionals stay current in their fields. Committees discuss the challenges of new technology, standards, security, and even the political aspects of securing and protecting the spectral resources we need.
This year, we got a good the support from our representative Mr Rambabu from India and Italie Carlo and eUGENIA and also by our south Korean customers Kwon Sooho and Noh Seongmin from KARI, Chungnam National University that have conducted two conferences to show how our telemetry tools have helped them to conduct their tests on the onboard telemetry system of Korea Space Launch Vehicle-II (KSLV-II). On the exhibition side. It was also a success in term of numbers visitors and mark of interest for our new development on virtual reality as well as regarding LISA and SACHA were we got contacts with company such as GULFSTREAM and BOEING. Next ITC is on November 5-8 2018. We will be happy to see you there!

Test Symposium, Ankara, Turkey, 1-2 November 2017

It was an honor for NEXEYA to participate in an event like the 2nd test symposium dedicated to certification processes and flight tests this year. In a context where Turkey needs to sustain and further enhance their industry in the field of Defense, our special thanks goes to Stéphane for his active participation in this event. It is great to see what we are able to do with our telemetry tools, MAGALI based, combined with smart glasses. It’s only the beginning ....

NEXEYA has participated to the Tokyo Mass Trans innovation 2017.

NEXEYA has participate in Mass trans innovation 2017 in Tokyo with the cooperation of the EU Gateway | Business Avenues. EU Gateway has its origins in the European Union Programs which was created in 1990 to deepen economic interaction and cooperation between Europe and Japan. After more than 25 years of market presence, EU Gateway has become a leading business platform establishing successful partnerships between European and Asian firms in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. They propose a free coaching during the entire business mission period, and creating links with business leads in the target markets (China, Korea, South East Asia and Japan).

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In 2012, NEXEYA won the production of harnesses and composite panels of all 81 IRIDIUM-NEXT satellites built by THALES ALENIA SPACE. This beautiful business for NEXEYA (because of its purpose and its value exceeding 20 million euros) concluded at the end of this year. Our customer THALES ALENIA SPACE was particularly pleased with NEXEYA’s delivery, and they gave an award to the entire BL Space Systems team. This award symbolizes the success and commitment of NEXEYA in large-scale and international projects, and further strengthens our skills in the space field.

A winning Proposal !

NEXEYA is proposing to help its partners for their local exhibitions! NEXEYA want propose resources and supports for your local exhibitions by providing resources such as posters manufacturing, supplying and designing brochures but also supplying goodies as well as a financial participation in exchange of our participation to your local event.
If you are interested click on the link below and we will come back to you.

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January 29th, 2018 - Sweden

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