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NEXEYA Equips the Senegalese Navy

NEXEYA supplied its LYNCEA PATROL product to OCEA, the company building the LE FOULADOU patrol boat (OPV) for the Senegalese navy. The system on board this 58m patrol vessel, makes it possible to group together the different on-board sensors (RADAR, AIS, ADS-B, GPS and EO) with a 30mm cannon and also to share tactical data with the commando units deployed on the 2 fast, semirigid RHIBs thanks to the LYNCEA MOBILE tablet.

For the first time, NEXEYA has entrusted a third party with the responsibility of installing its products, by following installation and connection instructions provided with the delivery of LYNCEA PATROL and LYNCEA MOBILE. The NEXEYA team is only getting involved for the product start-up phase, and for end-user training.


This project, a challenge at the outset, has been a great success for NEXEYA. The company has made its first sale of the new LYNCEA MOBILE product, delivered two products three weeks in advance, and confirmed the feasibility of selling its products with installation guidelines and a starter training course.

“As the Project Manager for OPV190, I had the honour of leading the production of LYNCEA PATROL for the Senegalese OPV “LE FOULADOU”. Working in a small, heavily involved team, we implemented modern management methods that were able to demonstrate real gains in the product developments. We were able to meet, even exceed, the ambitious budget and scheduling targets, despite the uncertainties present at every phase of the production.

This project allowed me to fulfil various related rewarding roles: the role of operational trainer to help develop employees’ skills in LYNCEA products ; the role of consulting and support in integration for our customer OCEA, making us more than just a competent partner, but a partner for future projects ; and the role of promoting LYNCEA solutions to the final customer, the Senegalese Navy, with whom we have the chance to communicate, to make sure that we deliver a system perfectly suited to their needs. I want to thank all the teams who participated in this success.”

Cédric Lorillec – LYNCEA Product Manager

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