Test and Integration Solutions

Our products cover both integration and validation tests as well as production, qualification, and operational maintenance tests.

ALYSA™ constitutes a family of highly integrated and versatile platforms designed to create generic or special purpose test systems.

NEXEYA designs and manufactures energy storage solutions to overcome the intermittent nature of renewable energies.

Modular and open system covering all control/command needs for continuous industrial process.

With KALLISTE, you design your own applications for data acquisition, instrument control, telemetry, supervision…

LISA is a wireless acquisition system dedicated to analog parameters. LISA facilitates the collection of the least accessible crucial data and forward it to the information and decision system.

MAGALI software has been designed for test engineers. It has evolved since continuously based on user feedbacks and partnerships with key players of the market, mostly in telemetry and flight tests.

MAG 150

MAG150 is a powerful system with numerous functionalities to secure test data acquisition and analysis.

MAG 200

From laptops to rack-mount chassis, MAG200 ground stations share the same architecture. They embed receivers, bit synchronizers, frame synchronizers…depending on user needs.

SACHA is a modular computer dedicated to all applications when compactness must be combined with a very harsh environment.

NEXEYA designs, manufactures and maintains rugged industrial displays and panel PCs.

WIDD, Wiring Defect Detector is the unique solution currently on the market to detect and characterize failures with high speed and precision on your cabling installations.