Our solutions

NEXEYA designs, manufactures, integrates and enables specialized high-critical products and provides high value added services.

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Test and integration solutions


Performance and safety for your critical systems

NEXEYA provides test, integration and control-command solutions, and supports its customers throughout each phase of their projects: design, test, production, operational maintenance, repair and obsolescence management.

Mission Management Systems


Cutting-edge systems at the heart of your installations

For naval and air defence, surveillance or internal security missions, NEXEYA offers operational solutions for detection and command support, offering a clear picture of a given tactical situation, supporting decision-making.

Power Conversion


Reliability and high standards: the watchwords
of power conversion

With considerable experience in the market and recognised expertise in power generation, NEXEYA offers its expertise in power electronics and intelligent motor control for ground-based or embedded applications, whether civil or military.

Customer Support


All of NEXEYA’s technological expertise dedicated to customer support and service

For the Defence, Energy, Transportation, Aeronautics, Space, and Industry markets, NEXEYA provides services that allow the continuous operation and sustainability of its customer’s critical installations.