Through-life support services for critical systems

To extend the service life or ensure the availability and service continuity of its customers’ installations, NEXEYA maintains and renovates critical ground-based or on-board equipment such as radars, weapons systems, electronic and optronic computers, as well as supervision and control-command installations that meet stringent usage requirements.

NEXEYA also carries out operational maintenance and upgrades to procedures for testing and for the production of complex electronic equipment and the control-command systems of scientific or test installations.

NEXEYA operates in the maintenance markets, with commitments over long periods (10+ years), in line with the most stringent operational constraints. Our technical teams are skilled in all the levels (1 to 5) required to carry out maintenance on all the latest hardware, as well as for equipment requiring obsolescence management (tracking and disposal, technical workaround studies). This wide range of skills, acknowledged by more than 500 customers, allows NEXEYA to commit to the availability of our customers’ equipment and applications, thanks to an infrastructure and international organisation that operates 24/7.

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