ARGOSIA is a range of embedded SURMAR and ISR mission systems designed to meet the requirements of air surveillance and intelligence missions.

ARGOSIA solutions are available in 3 different levels of operational configuration:

  • ARGOSIA 50 : Plug & Fly solution, modular, and immediately operational for light planes, helicopters, or drones. ARGOSIA 50 is an autonomous POD equipped with a latest generation compact optronic camera that can be operated from the plane or remotely from a ground station, as well as various high-performance light equipment, and a hook system.


  • ARGOSIA 100 et 200 : a multi-sensor mission system located in the cockpit, ARGOSIA is available in mono-console version (ARGOSIA 100) suitable for light multi-purpose aircraft, or in multi-console version (ARGOSIA 200) designed for larger platforms and intended to be used for complex command and control missions. Depending on the needs of the user, ARGOSIA 100 and 200 can be equipped with a wide array of communications equipment and active or passive sensors: Imaging radar, IFF Interrogator, ADS-B, EO/IR optronic camera, ESM system, AIS, V/UHF communications suite, HF or satellite, long or short distance data transmission to maintain permanent contact with Command Centres whether near or far. A mission management software suite integrating a geographic information system and effective decision-making aids, brings together data from all the sensors to present a tactical situation overview on high definition screens. A recording function lets you save data and replay missions for analysis or training purposes.

The ARGOSIA service offering covers training development, logistical support, and operational maintenance.

For a complete multi-platform surveillance solution, ARGOSIA  is interoperable with the LYNCEA naval solutions.

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