LYNCEA is an embedded naval surveillance and defence CMS, for use on patrol boats and surveillance frigates. It enables the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of the tactical picture using on-board sensors (radar, optronic devices, sonar, electronic warfare, AIS, ADS-B, NATO or non-NATO data link). Designed with a modular architecture, equipment can be gradually integrated into LYNCEA, offering the capacity to evolve and adapt to shores. It also ensures the management of arms and facilitates decision-making, using powerful graphics tools combined with an intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use interface. LYNCEA is especially suitable for state action missions at sea (surveillance of maritime zones, sea police, fight against trafficking, public service missions, rescue) and above water warfare. It uses the latest signal processing technologies in order to increase the detection distance of small targets (+ 25% compared with a standard navigation radar).

LYNCEA is available in 5 versions: LYNCEA MOBILE for fast boats, LYNCEA PATROL for patrol boats, LYNCEA COMBAT for heavily armed patrol boats, LYNCEA COMMAND for command centres, and LYNCEA TRAINING for training centres.
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