NEXEYA designs and provides a range of DMAC self-commutated motorised shafts. These shafts are equipped with a motor, an encoder, and a driver in a compact box. The range offers solutions from 0.5Nm to 10Nm to suit all situations. This motorisation system, DMAC,  has a wide speed range and a high resolution. It is controlled in position or in speed with customizable maximum torque and exempts itself, thanks to its design, from closed-loop control correctors.  The sinusoidal current control method gives great flexibility of movement, operational silence, and low sensitivity to resonance phenomena. Simple, fast to implement, and easy to control, it considerably reduces development and fine-tuning time, whether  for positioning or industrial control applications.

The DMACs are equipped with a sequencer control dedicated to controlling the shaft, in addition to optically isolated digital input-outputs. The module can therefore function totally autonomously, the commands having been pre-programmed. With a memory capacity of 500 commands (75 for microMAC), both simple and complex automatons can be created.