Motor control-command systems

NEXEYA designs and produces mechatronic systems for motion control, in the 1W to 500kW range and combining simple or complex control, single/multiple motorisations and communication bus. Rackable or unit solutions have a smaller footprint, a high resolution and are compatible with the most critical environments (vacuum, pressure atmosphere, industrial environments etc.).

The range of products developed by NEXEYA includes BMAC, stepping, brushless motor control cards with direct current and piezoelectric, through to DMAC integrated motor control-command solutions. All of our products have power going up to 1kW, and according to customer specification, higher power can be offered.

To control these mechanisms, NEXEYA provides automatons and software platforms for parameter-setting, programming, and sequence automation. Developed using technological, hardware and software upgrades, our motor control-command systems  are more intelligent and more connected, offering better product traceability and predictive maintenance of solutions.