Power Converters

To address the needs of its customers, NEXEYA develops and markets power converters that integrate adaptive technology bricks such as “non-isolated power factor correctors” that can be used alone to supply equipment with HVDC 540V and all types of actuators.

An isolated “DC/DC” function meets the expectations of the railway and military sectors with a greater input voltage and the creation of the output voltage BUS.

The new generation of NEXEYA power converters has been produced using new silicon carbide components, optimising the use of alternative supply sources, and increasing the energy efficiency of the network (overall output of over 94%, availability of 5.10-7 when the modules are assembled in N+1 with an exceptional power density of 400g/kW).

NEXEYA also offers single-phase and three-phase inverter bricks as well as variator bricks for supplying motors between 1kVA and 170kVA for aeronautics, navy, railway, or industrial applications.