Testing tools for production and maintenance

NEXEYA has several solution lines for checking product compliance throughout the production process, but also for maintaining and ensuring the availability of your equipment throughout its life.

With products such as WIDD – a system for detecting and localising permanent and intermittent wiring defects, PDL (Portable Data Loader) – a secure solution for uploading ARINC aircraft data, and the wiring analysers MPT, CTX, and EZX – used for characterising wires & wire harnesses, and evaluating the functionalities of electrical wiring systems, NEXEYA provides innovative and sustainable solutions to meet all the needs of its clients.

NEXEYA offers a complete range of software solutions for test engineers: MAGALI, KALLISTE and MAGDEBRIEF.

NEXEYA also offers on-board data acquisition systems for harsh environments: SACHA – a compact and modular system, LISA – a wireless system, as well as on-board display solutions via a complete range of Panel PCs and rugged screens suitable for the aeronautics, naval, and military markets.