NTU collaborates with NEXEYA to develop commercial nano-satellites

NTU collaborates with NEXEYA to develop commercial nano-satellites

France and Singapore Year of Innovation 2018

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), NEXEYA Frances SAS (NEXEYA), and Censin Technology Pte Ltd (Censin) have joint forces to develop and market small nano-satellites for the region.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties was signed during the Singapore Airshow. This is in conjunction with the France-Singapore Year of Innovation 2018. The partnership aims to introduce new concepts in the nano satellite segments with specific payload on board satellites less than 100 kg.

NTU Singapore, with its extensive research effort and achievement in satellites shall be embarking on a series of satellite technologies. There is a vast amount of NTU research that can be applied to the space borne application.

NTU has developed a multi-rotor based synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The lightweight flight system transmit radio frequency signal, which will be reflected from the ground. This information can be processed to form the ground image. This multirotor drone, which has high vibration during flight, is still capable of forming high quality images of 25cm×25cm resolution. From the image, small objects such as small boat, motorcycle and people can be detected.

The key objective is to build a small and reliable system, which is cost effective to have the earth observation capability throughout the day and night. This radar technology shall enable the view of the ground surface even at low lights or cloudy sky conditions. There will be further application usage when analysing and reprocessing the SAR images.